best of met gala 2016

Go big or go home.

photo: Reuters

It's the most wonderful time of the year — the 2016 Met Gala, a.k.a. fashion prom. This year's theme, "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology" offered ample opportunity for your favourite celebrities to break out some seriously major looks — and they did not disappoint. Check out the most amazing looks from fashion's most incredible night right here.


Let us begin with a true blessing: Beyoncé in peach latex and blue eye shadow.

beyonce met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

Mark this as another thing Anne Shirley and Beyoncé have in common: a love of puffed sleeves.


And let us continue with the most AMAZING gown you've ever seen: Claire Danes in this Cinderella-style illuminated Zac Posen gown.

A video posted by @zacposen on

Click play to watch it in motion. STUNNING doesn't cover it.


I can say this no other way: Kim and Kanye look EXCEPTIONAL.

kim kanye met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

This is glorious. It's on-brand for both of them, both individually (tight dress! Jeans!) and as a couple (silver dress/jacket power combo). Her bleached brows and his gray contacts are subtle; you have to really look to see what's different. And finally, it's perfect for the theme of the exhibition. Well done, you krazy kids. Full fashion marks.


I cannot believe I'm about to say this, but Kylie Jenner has totally killed it at the Met Gala.

kylie jenner met gala
photo: Reuters

Usually my response to Kylizzle's style is something between "eh" and *eye roll,* but I cannot tell a lie: this is perfect. The dress is dramatic and chic — perhaps a LITTLE naked, but that's basically her brand — her HAIR is perfect this length, the makeup is glamorous without being mask-like. Home run, girl.


Taylor Swift is a goth robot gladiator in this "WE GET IT, YOU'RE EDGY NOW" look.

taylor swift met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

Oh, Tay. I see where you were going with this, but you didn't quite get there.


Kendall Jenner looks like an iridescent stained glass window, and I love it.

kendall jenner met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

No tendrils tonight, though.


Meanwhile, Solange embraces canary yellow and ushers in a whole new era of LEMONADE.

solange met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

I would kill to see this in real life. I bet it moves so incredibly.


Nicole Kidman will give you a caped and beaded Art Deco take on "Starry Night," and you will LIKE it.

nicole kidman met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

A Fashion Prom Queen nominee for me, for sure.



kris jenner met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

There were rumours all day today that Kris hadn't been invited to the Gala this year (FASHION BURN!), and I'm glad to see they were greatly exaggerated. Equally glad to see her in a black gown Morticia Addams would be proud of, with a handsome man at her side. Live yr life, Kris.


Lady Gaga traveled back in time to 2004 and revisited her old shtick.

lady gaga met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

At first I was like, Oh sure, Gaga in tall hair and no pants, fine yes whatever. And then the shoes happened. It's very Cher circa "Turn Back Time," but ANGRIER.


Lupita Nyong'o is a glorious unicorn ocean goddess, and I worship at her tail fins.

lupita nyong'o met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

Over the top? Yes. But if that's wrong, who the hell wants to be right?


The siblings Smith (Willow and Jaden) are completely magical.

willow smith jaden smith met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

These two never fail to wear something totally fresh and new, yet totally true to their own styles. I love them both.


Elle Fanning is giving us a bathwater beige interpretation of Gwyneth's famous pink Oscar gown.

elle fanning met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

It looks decent because SHE is so beautiful, but this is like a bowl of sad fashion oatmeal to me. This is the Met Gala! Do better!


Lily-Rose Depp is making a serious case for the beaded bolero.

lily rose depp met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

I've always said '80s grandma-at-a-wedding chic should mount a comeback, and voila.


Katy Perry: baroque "Bride of Frankenstein" space alien?

katy perry met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

And yet... I'm into it? It's like a fancy carpet came to life, turned 16, and discovered The Cure.


Kerry Washington is serving a whole lot of Goth Queen in the most spectacularly over-the-top way.

kerry washington met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

I especially love the red and black wig. SO fabulous.


The second I saw Nicki Minaj's outfit, I shouted "DIAPHANOUS BONDAGE SEATBELTS!" and you know, I'm not wrong.

nicki minaj met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

Her makeup and hair, however, have never looked more amazing.


Cindy Crawford is the definition of #GOALS

cindy crawford met gala 2016
photo: Reuters



Rita Ora (with Vera Wang) is a very naked gray swan.

rita ora met gala
photo: Reuters

Rita is a mystery to me: she goes to major events, she clearly gets first pick of the most amazing dresses, and yet I don't know why exactly she's famous. MYSTERIOUS.


And Selena Gomez is a '90s Amazon punk princess.

selena gomez met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

I would bet my life this is also Louis Vuitton (UPDATE: I was right!), and one of the more successful looks we've seen from them tonight.


Michelle Williams has brought back Jen Lindley's college bangs in a short skirt and heavy boots.

michelle williams 2016 met gala
photo: Reuters

It is the return of The Boots. I'm torn: on one hand, I want this outfit every badly to wear to work, or a cocktail party where I need to be a goth queen but also don't want to look like I've tried too hard. I feel like the Met Gala calls for MORE.


Emma Watson's tuxedo gown is regal fabulousless.

emma watson met gala
photo: Reuters

I MAYBE would have styled the hair a little more relaxedly, but otherwise this is stunning.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham are a damn gorgeous — and well-dressed — couple.

Jason Statham Rosie Huntington-Whiteley met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

White is turning out to be a big theme of the night; this dress looks a little boring in most of the photos I've seen, but I have this feeling it would be STUNNING in real life. Too bad my Gala invite clearly got lost in the mail.


Liberty Ross' pillbox hat and birdcage veil is exactly the kind of major style statement I love to see.

liberty ross met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

The gown is OK. I love the structure and the color, and yet as she walked I kept whispering "THAT IS SHORT. THAT IS VERY VERY SHORT," like a fashion lunatic.


Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are extremely sexy futuristic space warriors.

zayn gigi met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

This is very Luke Skywalker on both their parts, and I'm into it. I especially love Gigi's painted silver hair part.


ACTUAL GASP. Zoe Saldana's feathered and beaded gown IS MY EVERYTHING OH MY GOD.

zoe saldana met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

Take notes, world: THIS IS DRAMATIC GLAMOUR.


Uma Thurman rocks a cage-back white gown with the slightest hint of tasteful buttcrack.

uma thurman met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

"Tasteful buttcrack" is not a thing I ever expected to type while covering this event, btw.


Demi Lovato is serving her tri-toned gown with slicked back hair and a serious side of bitch face, which I LOVE.

demi lovato met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

Can you even handle her cheekbones right now?


Anna Wintour, architect of this entire event, serves us "Game of Thrones x Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" realness with a gorgeously intricate white and gold gown.

anna wintour met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

"Good beadwork, though."


Anna's daughter, Bee Shaffer, is wearing the most incredibly detailed gown. Beading! Sequins! Low back! Train!

photo: Reuters



Sarah Jessica Parker (here with Andy Cohen) is wearing some "Hamilton"- themed pantaloons and great hair.

sarah jessica parker met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

I'm so used to being blown away by her that this leaves me totally meh.

32 is an intergalactic beekeeping matador, and I am into it. met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

You are a thing of beauty and a joy forever, sir.


Poppy Delevingne is rocking the hell out of Jay Gatsby's chain mail.

poppy delevingne met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

That dark lipstick is perfection. Beauty Prom Queen nominee for sure.


Misty Copeland is truly luminous, and I'm a mad at this limp jellyfish of a satin paper bag dress for being so unremarkable.

misty copeland met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

Girl is phenomenal. She deserves so much better than this.


Wendi Deng Murdoch is covered in climbing vines.

wendi deng murdoch met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

Luckily they match her earrings.


Would you like Idris Elba in white tie attire?

idris elba met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

JK I KNOW YOU WOULD. My god, what a handsome man.


The entire cast of "The Get Down" is PERFECT.

the get down show 2016
photo: Reuters

HOW MUCH do I covet Herizen F. Guardiola's clover green gown right now? With those red shoes? Ugh, amazing. I cannot wait for this show.


Alicia Vikander is wearing a bespoke Louis Vuitton tablecloth wrapped around her pleather Amazonian breastplate.

alicia vikander met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

This isn't so much a look as it is a random assortment of expensive things. I love a fashion risk, but when I saw this, I actually gasped. Did she piss off her stylist? WHAT IS THIS?


Ciara's dress feels like a second-rate knockoff of Rhianna's famous see-through gown, but that silver wig is undeniably awesome.

ciara met gala 2016
photo: Reuters



Louise Parker's outfit rules my heart. That swingy '60s-esque feathered cocktail dress is gorgeously unexpected, and compliments her pixie-shag haircut perfectly.

louise parker
photo: Reuters

I generally hate those overly strappy, freaking-everyone-is-wearing-them heels, but in this case I think they're working!


Aja King is a queen (sorry) in neon pink and marigold with lots of elaborate black detailing.

aja king met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

This dress reminds me of enamelled jewelry in the best way possible.


Short dresses at formal events are THE BEST, and Tavi Gevinson's elaborate above-the-knee number is beyond gorgeous.

tavi gevinson met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

Again: not 100% sure it's thematic, but I like it. I also REALLY love the makeup — sometimes a subtle smoky eye and bold lip is all you need.


Fei Fei Sun keeps it simple yet elegant in a beaded ivory gown and clean makeup.

fei fei sun met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

Eyebrows 100, also.


Nobody but Maria Sharapova could serve what is essentially Fashion Handmaid's Tale and make me kind of like it.

maria sharapova met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

I do wish those shoes were better, though.


Designer Tabitha Simmons looks like your eccentric aunt's living room in human form, and I cannot get enough of it.

tabitha simmons met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

Anyone wearing straight up crimson velvet who then says "You know what? THIS NEEDS MORE DRAMA" is a kindred fashion spirit in my book.


Finally, Bette Midler is perfect, this look is amazing, I will hear no arguments.

bette midler met gala 2016
photo: Reuters

I am so here for this headpiece, I cannot even tell you. And I'm really into all the sleeves I'm seeing on dresses tonight! Mr. Jacobs, as ever, looks incredibly dapper.