Ariana Grande suing Forever21
photo: Getty Images

Fast-fashion brands are notorious for stealing other brands' and celebrities' ideas, likeness, and overall concepts. And while it's become a commonplace practice, celebs have had enough and are fighting back. That's why Ariana Grande is taking Forever 21 to court, and demanding a massive amount of money for stealing her likeness for a campaign earlier this year. 

Looks like Forever 21 is having quite a year — and not a good one. 

Trouble is brewing for clothing retailer Forever 21.

According to WWDthe singer "filed a lawsuit on Monday against the retailer for copyright and trademark infringement, violation of right of publicity, and false endorsement over a Forever 21 ad campaign that replicated music videos from her Thank U, Next album."

And she means business. 

The singer is suing for a massive $10 million in damages. Court documents filed at the U.S. District Court of the Central District of California revealed that after Grande declined an endorsement deal by Forever 21 and its beauty line, Riley Rose, Forever 21 chose to move forward with the collection rather than paying the singer. 

But that's not all.

The court documents also revealed that Grande knew about the campaign in February, and upon asking the retailer to take down the posts, the request was not fulfilled until April. In addition to the $10 million, Grande is also requesting an injunction prohibiting Forever 21 from using her name, images, and likeness in any future campaigns.