Davulcu drew Gabi Fresh rocking one of her iconic Swimsuits For All pieces.

We're sure @GabiFresh was a fan! 

She even illustrated her curls. ON. POINT.

She perfectly captured the retro look that Abby Hoy of @ThePennyDarling made famous.


@ThePennyDarling's dress is a dream.  

Musemo Handahu from @MissLionHunter had her cool girl aesthetic perfectly captured.

(Could she possibly be any cooler?)

Davulcu even got the leaves on @misslionhunter's dress right. 

Tiffany Crawford, aka @Laceenleopard, is a paisley princess in ombre blue.

And here's Crawford IRL.

Slaying in real life AND as a cartoon? Definitely goals. 

Queen Tenisha of @Loc_Style_Fashion is an illustrated icon.

Her crop top and full skirt are the ultimate inspiration.

@Loc_Style_Fashion's cute outfit pops in the drawing, too. 

We love the glitter details added onto @TeamSparkle's festive dress!!

She captured this glam look SO PERFECTLY.

@TeamSparkle could even use the drawing as a holiday card. 

And blogger Amina Mucciolo of @StudioMucci has rainbow locks that look magical in this drawing.

@StudioMucci's bold and bright style is definitely captured. 

Capturing body positivity in a new way? We're definitely here for it.

Head over to Davulcu's Instagram page @aprilheatherart to check out more cool drawings!