Balenciaga, the brand now known for selling insanely overpriced IKEA bags and stiletto Crocs, is up to no good once again. This time, the brand is selling a bunch of jackets on top of each other for a casual $9,000. They're calling the monstrosity an "oversized layered parka coat."

But internet detectives couldn't be fooled. They quickly realized this seven-layer coat was really just a rip-off of their favorite "Friends" character.

The brand debuted the jacket during Paris Fashion Week in March. Now it's shoppable online at Matches Fashion and Barneys.

Fortunately, since most of us don't have $9,000 lying around, there's another solution: Head to the thrift shop, buy seven different coats, then sew them all together!

photo: NBC

Or, like Joey in "Friends," you can raid your friend's closet and put on everything they own.

photo: NBC

In case you missed it, there’s a "Friends" episode where Joey trolled Chandler by doing just that.

Here's a side-by-side of Balenciaga's parka and Joey Tribbiani's look for comparison. No, you're not seeing double.

Joey was clearly ahead of the fashion game, and internet sleuths were quick to point it out.

photo: NBC

Even the "Friends" costume designer agrees — Balenciaga was totes inspired by Joey's look.

"The coat is wondrously similar. I am flattered," Debra McGuire told TMZ. "Bravo then to the 'FRIENDS'-inspired coat!!!" 

Perhaps they should use this in their advertising campaign?

Balenciaga's, um, masterpiece is made from seven separate, removable layers.

You’ll get a few different pieces from it, at least. It's made up of a combination of plaid shirts, jersey hoodies, fleeces that feature cuffed sleeves, two front pockets, a drawstring hood, and a coordinating hem.

Oh, and in case you didn't like the first color, there are other options for your seven layers.

Joey's look, on the other hand, was one easy garment he slid in through the back.

photo: NBC

"I remember laying out all the pieces in the [Warner Bros.] workroom and contemplating the best way to construct it while making it an easy garment to get in and out of. It would open from the back, and Joey would enter that way," McGuire explained.

While Balenciaga's parka comes out to rougly $1,285 per layer, at least you'll have everything you could possibly need in the cold.

Plus, you can probably stash some snacks in there when you're on the go.