Black women's hair always seems to turn into a human resources nightmare for entirely unnecessary reasons. Just consider this case: As Revelist reported earlier this year, a Black Banana Republic employee was called out for her braids. Instead of simply venting on Facebook, the former employee is taking action. 

After being told by the store manager that she wouldn't get shifts until she changed her "unkempt" and "urban" hair, the employee went home.

Banana Republic terminated the manager and issued a lengthy apology, but the employee isn't having it. 

Tompkins is suing Banana Republic for AT LEAST $1 million. Wowza.

She didn't want to take down her braids since she was "not willing to conform to...expectation and/or policy of how a female, African-American employee should look," the lawsuit stated. The discrimination lawsuit includes the corporate office, store, and regional managers, according to TMZ

Tompkins' actions are DEFINITELY noteworthy, since it's rare for Black women to have the opportunity to take a stand.

It's common knowledge that Black women are often scrutinized for their hairstyles, so it's great to see Tompkins fight back. Hopefully, this will remind businesses to back off Black women's hair — there's nothing "unprofessional" about it.