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Thanks to the upcoming live-action remake, merchandise inspired by "Beauty and the Beast" is popping up left and right. But, let's face it, a lot of the fashion would be hard to wear to work without feeling a little childish.

At least, until now.

This new line of "Beauty and the Beast" bags by designer Danielle Nicole is a sleek take on the beloved Disney classic.

Just look at the Beautiful as a Rose Crossbody ($58, Danielle Nicole).

It includes a mix of crossbodies, clutches, and backpacks that won't cost you more than $80.

You'd think the Tale As Old As Time Clutch ($68, Danielle Nicole) was an actual book until you saw its gilded lining.

Even the bags that look JUST like the animated characters have details that elevate them to stylish.

Thanks to a square silhouette, holographic handle, and glittery detailing, you could bring the Mrs. Potts & Chip Crossbody ($68, Danielle Nicole) pretty much anywhere.

It's pretty hard to make a cartoon clock fashionable, but Danielle Nicole pulled it OFF.

The Coggsworth Crossbody ($68, Danielle Nicole) has just enough room for all the night-out essentials.

And just WAIT until what she did with the Beast.

The fringes on the Beast Backpack ($78, Danielle Nicole) are to DIE for.

Want to take it up another notch? How about FUR detailing?

Oh yeah, the Beast Clutch ($58, Danielle Nicole) went there.

Long story short: You're going to love these bags as much as Belle loves books.

photo: Giphy

And that's a LOT of love right there.