bella hadid street style
photo: XactpiX/Splash

Bella Hadid has graced every runway, ad campaign, and magazine cover between here and Mars.

But, if the public persona is to be believed, Bella is more of a jeans-and-sneakers kind of girl. Hell, she even paid tribute to Farrah Fawcett in her Nike Cortez campaign.

Recently, Hadid talked about her love of sneakers to Complex, and the video was awkward. And Twitter took the uncomfortable awkwardness many, many different ways. 

If you haven't seen the Bella Hadid and Complex video, check out all seven minutes and 45 seconds of it in all its glory.

The entire video is bizarre, but it gets REALLY awkward around 1:12.

Highlights include Hadid over-using the words "dope" and "homeboy," and quotes like "I don't mind dirty sneakers, but they better be fresh."


Since a lot of people hadn't heard Hadid speak before, they were very surprised... to say the least.

When you're not a regular supermodel. You're a cool supermodel.

When she said, "Homebody is gonna, like... get it," Twitter just wasn't ready.

Personally, I loved the dramatic pause between her statements. 

No seriously, no one could handle it.


"It's quiet" is now officially a thing, and I don't know how to feel about it.

Clearly, Twitter doesn't know how to feel either.

Some just wanted it to end altogether.

Others used the opportunity to show off their impressive footwear.

It's safe to say that Hadid would be "quiet" if a "homeboy" rolled up in these.

Hercules, but make it fashion.

Hadid spent a whopping $1,157.54 on her sneakerhead shopping spree, so she definitely had the last laugh.

photo: Giphy

Does this mean the fashion gods will gift us with more Bella Hadid interviews? I sure hope so. If not, at least we have a million "homeboy" quotes to get us by.