Beth Ditto is here to take your breath away in her Calvin Klein underwear campaign ad photos. Seriously, the photos are so gorgeous, we want to set them as our phone background and print them out and tape them to the refrigerator. The Gossip frontwoman joins Naomi Campbell (also a goddess) and Bella Hadid in their skivvies, along with some beautiful male specimens in the form of Odell Beckham Jr. and Diplo. Oh yes, get ready to swoon.


Ooooh, it's hot in here, there must be some Beth Ditto in the atmosphere, and she is burning it up in her Calvin Klein ad, lensed by Daniel Jackson. Not only does that bra look gorgeous on her body but also her makeup and red hair is extremely on point.

Allllll the heart-eye emojis.

Ditto has been a model for a long time, but even she is stoked to work with Calvin Klein. "When I was in high school I would sneak my boyfriend's CK 1 on the regular! I couldn't afford that kinda 'smell goods' as my granny Ditto used to say! But looka [sic] me now, granny! I've made it to model material! Who would ever have thought!" she wrote on Instagram.

She's beauty, she's grace, she's BETH FREAKIN' DITTO.

"I feel like Cher from Clueless! 'Says who?!' 'Calvin Klein!!!'” wrote Ditto on Instagram. Talk about a dream come true. I never knew that we all needed to see Ditto in an underwear ad, but our lives have been truly blessed.

Oh yes, there's a video.

As if the still images weren't enough, Calvin Klein was kind enough to give us video of Ditto's dazzling beauty. In the short film, directed by Bardia Zeinali, we also get to see Naomi Campbell strut in her legendary runway walk, and Odell Beckham, Jr., run around in boxer briefs, so uh, there's plenty of reasons to watch this video.

Wait, did you say Odell Beckham Jr. in boxer briefs?

Oh, don't worry, I totally understand. This is a post about Beth Ditto, but I would be remiss if I didn't share more images of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Beckham Jr. in his undies. Because much like Ditto, this is some serious eye candy.

Ditto has talked before about showing her chest.

Earlier this year, Ditto chatted with Interview magazine about baring it all. Ahead of headlining LadyLand, a two-day all-ages queer music festival in New York City, Ditto reflected on reintroducing her music to queer youth. "12-year-olds don’t really need to see my titties. Or do they?" Ditto said, referencing The Gossip's famously raunchy and raucous performances. But topless punk rock aside, "Music with guitars is necessary, kids," she said. "...Hopefully they realize to keep paying it forward. Not to get complacent. You don’t do it for your generation now. You do it for what’s going to happen in 10 years."

People were delighted to see a plus-size femme in a mainstream underwear ad.

We can't say YAS KWEEN enough to Ditto, who is a fat, queer femme woman in a mainstream underwear ad. And just any underwear ad — Calvin Klein's ads have been the epitome of sexy since the ’90s. And fans cheered the casting choice on social media.

OMG my whole life Calvin Klein's whole vibe for people with bodies like mine was "you can't sit with us." Now.. LOOK at @bethditto in her Calvins. LOOK AT HER. What a fucking BABE. Headsup other brands. Include us! We live under capitalism & need undies too! The cuter the better!

— Capital K (@Styla73), August 12, 2019

I cannot express how much it makes me happy to see her as a whole model for Calvin Klein.

— ????austin???? (@Mustin_Acleod), August 13, 2019