You know that place you go when you need to think, or celebrate, or even just breathe? Well, Beyoncé wants everybody to know that she has a special place too, and it's Houston's Parkwood Park.

It's where she used to take morning runs with her father, and throughout the promotional video for her new athletic line/Topshop collab, "Ivy Park" (apparently an amalgamation of Parkwood Park and the name of her daughter, Blue Ivy), she waxes poetic on the effect those runs and the park itself have had on her life, her strength, and her dreams.

She also does a lot of looking super intense while being athletic and dispensing motivational life advice — so naturally you need to see this.

"I would wake up in the morning and my dad would come knocking at my door, tell me it's time to go running."

"I remember wanting to stop, but I would push myself to keep going. It taught me discipline, and I would think about my dreams."

"I would think about my little sister, and how I was her hero."

"I would think about the sacrifices my parents made for me."

"I would look at the beauty around me, the sunshine through the trees. I would keep breathing."

"There are things I'm still afraid of. When I have to conquer those things, I still go back to that park."

"When it was time for me to give birth, I went back to that park."

The park became a state of mind. The park became my strength."

Check out the full video below — and let us know if this ad makes YOU want to go work out.