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When you're Beyoncé, you never waste an opportunity for a showstopping look. Last night she showed up to the Tidal X benefit concert for hurricane relief holding the most eye-catching accessory. When I checked the price of the bedazzled clutch, my wallet screamed. 

From her jade gown to her Swarovski crystal Judith Leiber x Alexander Wang clutch, Beyoncé looked like MONEY at the charity event.

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What better way to encourage others to give than to literally carry money with you? With countless celebs hitting the red carpet, Beyoncé knew what she was doing. The gown fit her like a glove and had expertly placed chest and shoulder cutouts that only Beyoncé could work. There was ALSO a thigh-high slit to provide another dose of sexy to the long sleeved gown. 

The accessories were ON POINT too. Her plum fur stole and oversized chandelier earrings showed that she is the queen of mixing and matching pieces.

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Also considering how cold it was in Brooklyn that evening, the fur stole was both fashionable and functional (and also fuzzy). 

Although I'm not sure how my ears could handle earrings that big, Beyoncé is clearly no mere mortal.

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When you're exuding this much Black girl magic, gravity doesn't impact you. 

Beyoncé also brought even more ~sparkle~ to her look with these glittery stilettos.

Although the bag looks like a stack of $100 bills, it costs A LOT more than that.

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Judith Leiber x Alexander Wang bag ($4,995, Alexander Wang

The bag clocks in at $4,995 according to the Alexander Wang website. It's covered in over 10,000 black, green, clear, and gunmetal Austrian crystals and is ALREADY sold out. My goodness. 

Kim Kardashian also revealed via Snapchat last week that she now owns the clutch, too!

money clutch kim kardashian
photo: Snapchat/Kim Kardashian

What's better than regular money? BEDAZZLED MONEY. Athough Kardashian hasn't formally worn the bag yet, I can't wait to see how she styles it. 

Although we're not sure when Beyoncé plans on wearing this bag again, it'll stay in my mental fashion archive for years to come.

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It's great to see celebrities like Beyoncé using their platform — and red carpet style — to draw attention to global issues. She may have been holding a money clutch, but you can bet that she's given a whole lot more than $5,000 to Hurricane efforts. Keep doing good while you're looking good Bey!