photo: Instagram/beyonce

Beyoncé is relaunching Ivy Park, everyone! Let's all lose our collective minds over the newly updated athleisure line, which is now in partnership with Adidas. That means, among other things, we are getting Beyoncé Adidas sneakers. BEYONCÉ SNEAKERS. While that sinks in, we'll take you through what we know about the brand-new Ivy Park.

Beyoncé teased a few images on her Instagram.

We all know that Beyoncé looooves to surprise us, but this time she's giving up time to save our coins and get very excited. Writing just "IVY PARK January 18" on a series of six Instagram posts, she's letting us know that Ivy Park is coming in time for holiday money and New Year's resolutions.

Is the new Ivy Park going to include jewelry and accessories?

Ugh, we hope so! She shared not one, but two images of Ivy Park–branded accessories. Here, we see an Ivy Park climber earring with two Adidas stripe studs. She's also wearing an Ivy Park wraparound ring that beautifully accents her burgundy and white three-stripe nail art. 

Yes, Beyoncé teeth jewelry may be on our horizon.

Beyoncé grills was something we never knew we needed, but after seeing this photo, it's clear that our lives will never be complete without them. With these, you're not just a flashing a smile, you're sharing your Beyhive membership with your own teeth.

These sneakers, though!!!

They are perfect. I mean, we'd expect nothing less from Beyoncé, but still, they are so incredibly perfect that I can't stop staring at them. The chunky gum sole, the suede plum stripes offset by the orange band, the textured tongue and scalloped leather stitching, ugh! They're gorgeous. They will probably also be a million dollars and sell out immediately, but a girl sure can dream.

Beyoncé spoke with Elle about reclaiming Ivy Park — and her power.

In the Elle interview, Bey said that Ivy Park is for "everyone," and that the "fly" pieces can be worn when "dropping off the kids, going to the gym, or out on a dinner date." She's now the only black woman to own 100% of a namesake athleisure brand. Of taking control of Ivy Park from Topshop, she said:

"I realized I had to take control of my work and my legacy because I wanted to be able to speak directly to my fans in an honest way. I wanted my words and my art to come directly from me."

Ivy Park is also designed with all genders in mind.

Beyoncé mentions how she noticed that masculine folks were into Ivy Park, so she created the new line to fit all genders. "I focused on designing a unisex collection of footwear and apparel because I saw so many men in Ivy Park," she said to Elle. "The way they have embraced the brand is an unexpected gift. I appreciate the beauty of gender-neutral clothing and breaking the so-called fashion rules." It's almost 2020 — gender and fashion rules are over, anyway!

Topshop? I don't know her.

photo: Melina Matsoukas for Elle

You may remember the buzz surrounding the initial Ivy Park X Topshop launch, and how it quickly fizzled out once shoppers saw the awful quality and staid designs. Tons of Ivy Park merchandise ended up on Topshop's sale racks; Topshop itself closed its U.S. locations after poor sales. Karma is real folks. Here's hoping the Adidas partnership is more fruitful. In the meantime, we're counting down the days until January 18.