beyonce thiccsgiving
photo: Beyonce

While you were getting second helpings of mashed potatoes, Beyoncé casually dropped a full line of body positive holiday merch — and invented a new holiday into the bargain.

Merry Thiccsmas, everyone. Our Queen has blessed us with her bounty.

If there's ONE thing you need this holiday season, it's a bright purple sweater with "Have a thicc holiday" arcing across it in hot pink text.

But of course, you could also keep it casual in a literal Beyoncé holiday sweater

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($55, Beyonce Shop)

This also comes in a white t-shirt.

Tell yr girls how much you love them with the ultimate "SIS THE SEASON" sweatshirt.

If you have an ugly sweater party to go to this year, slay them all dead with a Beyoncé needlepoint-eque sweater.

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This sweater ($55, Beyonce Shop) is also available as an infant onesie, which is EXACTLY as cute as it sounds.

There's also this iconic Holidayoncé t-shirt, because don't we all secretly wish we looked THIS GOOD in sparkly antlers?

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This shirt ($40, Beyonce Shop) has Our Queen's face on the front, and "Holidayonce" on the back.

Sweaters and t-shirts not your thing? Don't worry, Yoncé will provide — like a trio of adult onesies.

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These onesies ($85, Beyonce Shop) come in green, purple, and gray.

But that's not even CLOSE to all. Wrap all your presents with Lemonade "the best revenge is your wrapping paper" paper.

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This wrapping paper set ($16, Beyonce Shop) contains two sheets of "The best revenge is your paper" — one in red, one in green. And yes, I've bought this already.

And invite your phone to take its game to another level with a plaid "SLAY BELLS" phone case.

All the items in the Holidayoncé line are available up to a size 2XL... or so it seems.

Weirdly, I don't see a size chart anywhere on Beyoncé's store page — I've reached out to Merch Direct, which seems to run it, and I'll update with additional sizing info once I have it.

And much as it pains me to say it, there's just one teeny tiny problem with Yoncé's Thiccmas merch.

photo: Giphy

Though a lot of it is available to order right now, many of the clothing items (like the Beyoncé holiday sweater) won't ship until December 4 — and the wrapping paper won't ship until December 11.

That's cutting it *awfully* close, for those of us looking to give the gift of Bey around the 25th.

And the shipping options don't make it a lot better. Standard shipping from Beyoncé's online store is $8.99 and takes one to three days, per the site. If you need it faster, the express shipping option will deliver it in one to two days... but costs $34.99.

To be VERY clear, I'm not criticizing Beyoncé for this — it's an e-commerce issue, pure and simple. But it might affect how you shop, so it definitely bears mentioning.

So what are you waiting for? Run, don't walk, and bless yourself and everyone around you with the gift of Beyoncé merch.

Have a happy thiccmas, everyone.