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In the late '90s and early aughts, there was no style icon greater than Britney Spears.

The schoolgirl skirt! The fluffy crop tops!

Now, Urban Outfitters is paying tribute to one of Spears' most iconic looks with a Halloween costume that Britney stans will want to wear all year round.

This is the Oops I Did it Again catsuit from brand Out From Under.

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Is your 2000-era heart screaming yet? Because mine DEFINITELY is. ($69, Urban Outfitters)

It looks almost identical to the red catsuit Britney wore in her ICONIC Mars-themed music video for "Oops! I Did It Again."

britney red catsuit
photo: Billboard

According to Britney lore, Spears came up with the concept for this jumpsuit and helped design it.

The 2017 Urban Outfitters version skips the bootcut pants, and makes one major comfort adjustment — SPANDEX.

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This suit, according to the site, is a polyester spandex blend — way easier to wear than Britney's original latex version. Because when you're playing with hearts and getting lost in the game, you need to be able to move ($69, Urban Outfitters).

They even got the mockneck right. I honestly can't imagine being a Martian pop star with my throat exposed.

This red catsuit is available right now, both online and in certain UO stores, in sizes XS to XL.

Finally, the perfect thing to wear this Halloween... and, if I'm being totally honest, to the grocery store, the post office, work, and jury duty. You never know when your astronaut boyfriend is gonna give you the Heart of the Ocean necklace! A girl's gotta be prepared!

Because 17 years later, we're still NOT. THAT. INNOCENT.

photo: Giphy

Relive the magical absurdity of this video — and plan the rest of your costume — right here.