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Musical festival season is here to make you feel like you're NOT living your best life, because you're here and all the cool kids are at Coachella. 

For 11 days, music lovers and young Hollywood alike (and old Hollywood's aimless offspring) descend on a desert valley in Indio, California. They drink, they dance, they vape, they eat delicious food, and they wear a lot of fringe.  

As fashion goes, Coachella is all about celebrity style — and whether it's with a Garth Brooks T-shirt or a fanny pack, the golden ones never fail to surprise us. 


RiRi wore fringe and made America great again.


Kendall Jenner wore a costume from the set of "Coyote Ugly."


Kylie Jenner wore underwear as outerwear.

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The Weeknd and Bella Hadid wore matching denim because they earned it.

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Vanessa Hudgens got a $190 weed manicure and made everyone jealous of her hair.

Seriously... marijuana nails are a thing now. Read about it here


Zoe Kravitz and boyfriend George Lewis (aka Twin Shadow) looked way too cool for all these posers. Yes, Lewis is wearing a Garth Brooks T-shirt. MARRY ME GEORGE.


Cindy Crawford wore her cool mom jean shorts.


Chanel Iman shut it down Woodstock-style with Lennon-esque sunglasses, way low-riders, and a gauzy top.

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Emma Roberts wore Converse and looked like a tiny human that was manifested by Instagram style blogger hashtags.

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I can't tell if Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio is wearing face jewelry or a bindi, but considering how much shit she got (rightfully so) for wearing a Native American headdress to Coachella in 2014, you'd think she'd play it safer.


Katy Perry wore a boring romper and walked next to her boring boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.


Amber Rose was surprisingly covered up, from the nipple down.


Jared Leto, a 44-year-old, wore a Hawaiian shirt and a fanny pack and still got ALL the pussy.

Jared Leto........xoxo......Coachella.......credits to owners, credits to #jaredleto

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Faded black denim. Sunlight. WHY, AARON PAUL? I'm happy the desert gave you an excuse to wear your neck kerchief, though.

aaron paul coachella
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Frances Bean wore Doc Martens and DGAF about any of these fringe-wearing California brats.

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Kellan Lutz left his shirt at home because he desperately needed to be photographed today.


Cool teen Brooklyn Beckham woke up like this.

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No one cares what Paris Hilton is wearing but she's still twirling.

paris hilton coachella
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If you think I'm being mean, watch this (2:44, 3:05).