The red carpet is full of hot people, literally, as celebs wear heavy gowns and an arsenal of corsets, shapewear, and tights under heavy lights to help them look their best. Not to mention that many red-carpet events are held in balmy Los Angeles. Sure, overheating on the red carpet is absolutely a problem for the 1%, but all of us have dealt with feeling the burn in our favorite freakum dress. 

At the 2019 Emmys, Chrissy Metz had a great idea for beating the heat while working it. The idea is so brilliant in its simplicity, I wonder why I hadn't thought of it before. Metz stuck ice cubes down her Christian Siriano dress in order to keep cool, and now I want to stick ice down my dress.


Metz looked stunning in her metallic pewter dress, and the heat did not harsh her vibe.

"Last night was Emmy night, everyone was lookin right, but the heat, it tried to take us dooooown," Metz wrote on Instagram. "Yes, I must confess, I put ice IN my dress, cause I’m the classiest broad in town." Classy, resourceful, and brilliant.


Metz also talked about how much she adores Christian Siriano.

This is Metz's first time wearing Siriano on the red carpet, and her stylist Hayley Atkins talked about how she knew this would be a *chef's kiss* style moment.

"Christian Siriano was the perfect choice to make Chrissy’s Emmys dress. He is the most accepting and supporting of all body types," Atkins told People. "Nobody understands the curves of the female body like Christian. I knew that Chrissy and him would just adore working together."


This Is Us, which stars Metz, was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmys.

Metz was at the Emmys in support of This Is Us, which was nominated for the evening's grand prize, Outstanding Drama Series. The Emmy this year went to Game of Thrones, but Metz and the This Is Us cast looked equally dazzling on the red carpet.


Stars have a host of tricks to stay cool in front of the flashing cameras.

At the 2015 Emmys, the weather in Los Angeles reached almost 100 degrees. Celebs brought out the big guns to stay cool and sweat-free for the photos, in the form of portable fans on the red carpet. Laverne Cox makes holding a fan look so chic. 

Still, Metz and her ice cubes are the best solution, and provided the ice doesn't ruin the dress, why not use nature's bounty to stay cool?