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Disney princesses are known for their style as much as their impressive singing voices. Come on, wouldn't you wear Sleeping Beauty's gown all the time if you could?

Now, a couture brand has designed a collection of high-fashion dresses based on the Disney princesses — and Instagram lost its mind. 

If Disney princesses existed in IRL, they'd freak over these couture gowns inspired by the films.

The gowns from the Australian couture brand Paolo Sebastian are definitely a new take on the princesses' iconic dresses. Designer Paul Vasileff created over 30 one-of-a-kind dresses for the Adelaide Fashion Festival that you have to see to believe, according to Disney Style

The collection played off of the princesses' beloved motifs, such as the "Sleeping Beauty" theme song, "Once Upon A Dream."

The collection also featured other subtle references to Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White, according to Disney Style. There's a lot of options no matter your favorite OG princess! 

This veil that reads, "Happily Ever After" is sure to be popular!

Like most couture collections, there's a wedding gown and it was smart of Vasileff to design a gown fit for a [Disney] royal! Just make sure there's no evil stepmother or anything trying to crash the party. 

Since Disney Princesses are known for loving the outdoors, there's a ton of floral designs too.

No seriously, there's A TON of florals. Also, when Disney stans saw the looks on Instagram, they couldn't handle it.

"Omigosh (sic) I want every single dress in this collection...just stunning," a follower said. "This is the collection of my dreams," another user said with endless heart eye emojis.

Others realized that they need to start saving in order to afford these couture gowns. "My reception gown 100% paolo Sebastian...ughhhh I gotta earn moneyyyyy," one user said.

Same, girl. Same.

An artist even made a mash-up of the gowns, and basically my Disney heart can't take it!

Artist Andhika Muskin first made news for his Disney princess collages earlier this year. I could totally see Snow White slaying on the red carpet — or forest — in that black dress. A real Disney princess gown on an actual Disney princess? I'm definitely a fan. 

The only downside? It may cost a lot of $$$.

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Couture gowns are KNOWN for being expensive. Also, the dress could take AT LEAST six months to make according to the brand's website. So if you have a Halloween ball coming up, you might just want to stick to Spirit Halloween this year!