We live in a nostalgic age — so it's no surprise that some genius entrepreneur has finally created Disney princess lingerie.

You heard me: Disney princess lingerie sets are now a thing. A hilarious, kinda creepy thing.

Each of these barely-there sets from sexy Halloween emporium Yandy are under $35 and come in sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

photo: Yandy
Sleepless Fantasy Princess set, a.k.a. absolutely not Sleeping Beauty ($30, Yandy).

And while they are undeniably sexy...

photo: Yandy

This is the Belle-inspired Mademoiselle Fantasy Princess set ($24, Yandy).

They kinda get less hot when you remember that, like, *all* of the Disney princesses are literal teenagers.

photo: Yandy

Creepy, right? They're generally around 16.

Arabian Nights Fantasy Princess, which is clearly totally unrelated to Princess Jasmine ($29, Yandy).

Obviously these sets are not official Disney princess merchandise — which is why they all have such hilarious names.

photo: Yandy

Ice Queen Fantasy Lingerie Costume, definitely no relation to Queen Elsa from "Frozen" ($31, Yandy).

"We can't call this the Ariel — what can we call it instead?"

photo: Yandy

Underwater Fantasy Lingerie Costume ($24, Yandy).

"This multi-strap thong needs a name, but we can't use Cinderella — I'VE GOT IT!"

photo: Yandy

Midnight Curfew Princess Lingerie Costume ($25, Yandy).

Yes, if you'd like to seductively eat an apple while dressing like an animated teenager, now you can.

snow white
photo: Yandy

Poisoned Apple Princess Lingerie Costume, oh god, ($27, Yandy).

In the meantime... just take it in.

photo: Yandy

New Land Fantasy Princess set, ($24, Yandy).