New York City jewelry brand Fallon, worn by celebs like Gigi Hadid and Sarah Paulson, has burned its CFDA member's card in spectacular fashion. On Instagram, designer Dana Lorenz posted a scathing letter to the CFDA, announcing that she's leaving the group because of a board member that gives Trump a lot of money. Lorenz's resignation from the CFDA comes as customers are furiously canceling their SoulCycle and Equinox gym memberships after discovering that Stephen Ross, who owns the companies, is throwing a lavish fundraiser for Trump. His wife, Kara Ross, is a member of the CFDA board.

What is the CFDA, exactly?

The Council of Fashion Designers of America is an organization that supports fashion designers at every level of the game, from students to up-and-coming-brands to labels that show at New York Fashion Week. The CFDA is currently chaired by Tom Ford. Yes, that Tom Ford.

Lorenz went OFF!

In a screed that will have you cheering, Lorenz writes that she will "no longer participate [in the CFDA] if a woman that funds the current administration remains on the board," referring to Kara Ross, who is married to businessman Stephen Ross. The Ross family is throwing a $250,000-a-plate fundraiser dinner for President Trump at their Hamptons home later this week.


Lorenz continues:

"I will no longer be a part of what seems to be allowing a pay for play, money over merit arrangement with someone that clearly wants to advance an agenda that is hurting many businesses large and small with this trade war. I do not feel her views speak for me as a member and I will not allow her to make decisions on my behalf."

We are proud of you.

"However, after emailing you about concerns as to the board seat of Mrs. Ross I was met with a response that felt very much like the pacifying public statements from SoulCycle and Equinox. I was told 'not our problem' and to focus my energies elsewhere. So I will."

*Wipes away tears*

"Yesterday, while Mrs. Ross was putting finishing touches on her Trump fundraiser, I was making sure my sobbing housekeeper had her entire family’s documents in order, a woman with 3 years citizenship living in fear."

She specifically called out the Trump administration's anti-LGBT agenda, in contrast with the CFDA's supposed mission to include the queer community.

"It is not enough to post rainbows on your Instagram feed. Do something," she wrote, directly addressing the Trump administration's attacks on LGBT Americans. The CFDA purports to value the contributions of queer people in every facet of fashion — but keeping someone on board who supports Trump's anti-LGBT agenda is clearly a slap in the face of that mission.

Lorenz's kicker was *chef's kiss*.

Lorenz finished her open letter with one heck of a kicker: "As a side note, the Fashion Fund is irrelevant unless it is entirely made up of sustainable designers." Ooooh, that's right sis, call out fashion for contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste!