yeezy season four

The Kardashians sat front row while fashion editors rage-tweeted about Kanye's show.

photo: Getty/Kevin Mazur

Kanye West's Yeezy Season 4 runway show is getting trashed by the fashion media. 

The show was scheduled for 3 pm. It started over an hour and a half after that time. Editors were bussed to the location on New York's Roosevelt Island and, as Jezebel reports, were made to wait in a holding pin. Once in their seats, they waited some more. Under the hot sun. 

The discomfort turned to rage and the rage slowly trickled onto Twitter as they waited... and waited... and waited...

Stella Bugbee, editorial director of New York magazine's The Cut blog, took us along for the ride.

All aboard the Kanye Bus! 

Pickup was reportedly at 1:30 pm, so given how late the show was, the Yeezy experience sucked up half of the workday for the editors in attendance.  

The bus ride was long (at least an hour, according to tweets) and the welcome was less than warm.

The holding pin was a literal holding pin.

Laura Brown, InStyle's new editor in chief, was not amused.

Did we mention the show was staged at the site of a former smallpox hospital? Charming.

But up until this point, Bugbee and others still had a sense of humor about the whole thing.

They hit their breaking point when the model extras — who stood like human statues under the hot sun until the show's late start — began dropping like flies.

After all they'd done to get there, people started leaving!

The Kardashians showed up super late... Hopefully that's not why the show was delayed.

Finally, the show started almost two hours after its scheduled time.

Not one, but two models couldn't even make it down the runway.

Bugbee didn't mince words about how she felt.

Thanks to Tidal's constantly buffering livestream, the show was also frustrating for people who watched it at home.

But, hey, at least Kanye was smiling!

And some critics actually do have nice things to say about the clothes.