Oh, Forever 21. How we love your prices, but hate your tendency for appropriation. Their latest design has the public up in arms... literally.

Forever 21 has managed to anger the Veteran community by attempting to profit from this deconstructed dress based on a physical training shirt. Not a wise move.

On the website Military One Click, users sounded off on why they weren't fans of the design.

"No one but military should even be wearing this uniform... You guys didn’t put In the work to be in the army and do what we do on a daily basis," one commenter said.

"Stay classy, Forever 21. As a female Marine, I have to say this is ridiculous. It is like when I see people in our dress blue coats. It is all wrong... we as military individuals earned the right to wear those items of clothing. Wow," said another.

And to make it even worse, The Fashion Law said that what the brand did may be ILLEGAL, since it could be infringing on military trademarks.

"Ever the sophisticated business entity, the U.S. military holds an array of intellectual property rights, which range from copyright protections for its original camouflage prints to trademark rights in its specific names and logos," The Fashion Law said.

Although they've pulled the gray shirt-dresses, the camo version is still available online.

Not OK — but also this level of appropriation isn't unexpected from Forever 21.

Forever 21 has already faced a sea of lawsuits for their "borrowed" designs.

They're currently in the midst of a court case with Puma over copying Rihanna's silk slide sandals, and Adidas for trademark infringement — will the fast fashion giant ever learn? Inspiration is one thing, but copying is another.