Gap is receiving some major backlash for releasing a new ad in the UK that supports gender stereotypes — and promotes terrible spelling.

The ad features a boy and girl sporting Gap's latest back-to-school styles. The little girl is considered the "social butterfly" while the young boy beams with pride as the "scholar."

The ad perpetuates the idea that boys are somehow smarter than girls.

*Rolls eyes*

Naturally the internet started freaking out over Gap's skewed marketing.

But things got REALLY interesting when when consumers noticed the ad also contained a hilarious spelling mistake.

That's right. The thoughtless ad that carelessly played into gender stereotypes even misspelled Einstein's name.

photo: Twitter/@PsychScientists

Womp womp.

What "genius" let this happen?

A Gap spokesperson told Glamour they did "not intend to offend anyone" with the ad. Luckily for the retailer, the internet has already cooked up some ideas about how Gap can correct its faux pas.

Take notes, Gap. Because "female scholars with cat ears and sparkles" is EXACTLY the type of ad we need to see in this world that's (sadly) still sexist.