What would you do if a stranger came into your place of work and decided to take a seat at the nearest empty desk? You would probably be confused, annoyed, and would call security. That's exactly what model Gigi Hadid did when she sprung into action to stop a runway crasher at the Chanel Spring/Summer 2020 fashion show in Paris. Hadid confronted the crasher and prevented her from escaping until security guards could reach the scene. Clearly, this was not in Hadid's job description when she was booked to walk for Chanel this season.

Show attendees caught photos and videos of the crashing in action, as well as Hadid defending the runway's honor.

French YouTube comedian Marie S’Infiltre made her way onto the Chanel catwalk during the finale.

Look at this audacity. S’Infiltre makes her crash move during the show's finale. Typically, fashion show finales are a chance for the audience to cheer as all of the models walk down the runway together. Often, the designer will also take a bow. 

This is significant because, during the finale, audience members usually stand up in their seats to clap or begin leaving the venue. S’Infiltre would not have raised suspicion as she made her way down the seat aisles during the finale, as opposed to during the show when everyone is seated quietly. Sneaky, sneaky.

She was wearing Chanel.

S’Infiltre wore a vintage Chanel tweed skirt suit with a hat and bag. Forbes reported that the outfit belongs to S’Infiltre's mother and was made in 1986. "That’s why I look like a grandma on the catwalk," she told Forbes. A crashing grandma, more like.

A New York Times reporter noted that security guards couldn't figure out where the crasher was because her outfit blended in with the models.

Elizabeth Patton at the Times wrote on Twitter that she "couldn't stop laughing because the hapless security guards couldn’t spot her in the lineup." The Times' fashion director, Vanessa Friedman, also caught video of the Chanel crasher rushing past her and two security attempting to find her. This is where Hadid comes in.

Hadid was NOT having this interruption.

Fashionista Editor-in-Chief Tyler McCall got a video of Hadid springing into action. Hadid, who had walked earlier in the show and was posing for photos with a group of models during the finale, approached S’Infiltre and confronted her until security arrived. The rest of the models circled around her so she couldn't escape. As McCall says, it was truly an iconic moment.

Hadid put a stop to that tomfoolery.

Hadid rushed toward S’Infiltre. The two appeared to exchange words while Hadid blocked her path. S’Infiltre told Forbes that "Gigi was quite nervous. She clearly did not understand my comic approach, and at some point, I thought she was going to pull my hair and yell as if we were school girls."


If S’Infiltre hasn't irritated you yet, here's her backstory and why she did it.

S’Infiltre is a YouTube comedian whose "exhaustive satire about our society" shtick partly relies on crashing public events. She crashed "Marine Le Pen’s stage during the presidential campaign" and cites Sacha Baron Cohen as an influence. "I think he is by far the funniest person alive," said S’Infiltre.

The big difference here is that Cohen is hilarious, and S’Infiltre is not. In any case, S’Infiltre told Forbes that she did it because she wanted to feel special. "Chanel is eternal, my tribute was a desire to take part in this eternity for a few minutes  ...  I’ve always dreamed of becoming a Chanel muse." 

Look, I've daydreamed about being a princess for a day, but you don't see me sneaking into Buckingham Palace to play dress-up. Sorry, but no one is entitled to be a Chanel muse, and no one is allowed to make others feel unsafe, for the sake of comedy or otherwise.