gq bootcut jeans
photo: GQ

On Monday, men's fashion magazine GQ horrified people everywhere by claiming that bootcut jeans are back in style. The publication cites Balenciaga as single-handedly bringing back the not-quite-skinny, not-quite-flared style, but might've missed the fact that the brand's designer, Demna Gvasalia, is really just a master troll.

Gvasalia, for the uninitiated, is also responsible for making hideous platform Crocs, even uglier stiletto Crocs, and for sewing a bunch of jackets together like Joey from "Friends" and calling it fashion. If he's in charge of this bootcut-jean revolution, I want no part of it.

After writing up an article supporting the claim, the magazine took to Twitter to write "Bootcut jeans are making a comeback," alongside a frightening image.

Almost immediately, the Twitterverse rebelled against the idea.

People had a lot of concerns with the article. First of all, the jeans in the photo are not even bootcut.

As one person described, bootcut jeans are more fitted around the calf. They're more like skinny jeans that allow for more space around the ankle, you know, to wear boots underneath.

Second of all, the guy in this photo is really not happy about wearing these jeans.

His facial expression truly tells us everything we need to know.

Also, as one person revealed, these pants definitely belong to Shaggy from "Scooby Doo."

Or possibly the photo was stolen from a police lineup? We're right to have concerns.

Another noted exactly what GQ should do with the jeans.

Overall, it's just not a good look. Try again, GQ. Better luck next time.

photo: Fox