Rarely does a week go by that a celebrity is not accused of cultural appropriation.

With festival season in full swing, famous people are stealing cultures left and right — despite being told, over and over again, that appropriation is never "appreciation." 

The latest famous person being dragged for cultural theft: Halsey. During a recent performance in New Zealand, she wore a questionable stage outfit that has all of Instagram speaking up.

When Halsey posted a picture of the outfit, many people felt her headpiece was insensitive to Muslims.

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Styled by Maeve Reilly, the look included a nude bodysuit covered in crystals and a matching white headscarf, which many felt looked like a traditional niqab. In 2018 singers, stylists, and everyone in charge of an artist's image should be well-aware of the possible connotations associated with wearing a headscarf in this way. 

Halsey, who is a proud multiracial woman could've easily taken a note from her own identity, by wearing a look inspired by Black culture. She's slayed many corn rows, head wraps, and hoop earrings!

"I was a big fan of [you but] as a [M]uslim this is offensive," a follower said on Instagram.

Some noted how Halsey got praised for wearing it, while women who wear a similar headscarf are ostracized. 

Although the singer DID respond to the controversy on Instagram, and even apologized.

"It's meant to look like a balaclava or a ninja mask," Halsey said in response to a follower. 

"Like a robber or a mortal combat character, I assure you," she said. "I'm sorry if I caused offense!" 

Some even defended Halsey. 

Despite her apology, others didn't buy it. 

Regardless of the references, it was definitely lost in translation to her followers. 

halsey performing
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Even if those in charge of Halsey's look weren't inspired by Muslim culture, they should definitely be more in tune with the cultural dialogue in 2018. Adopting looks reminiscent of a headscarf or a Niqab solely for fashion purposes is a very risky decision.

Hopefully Halsey's future performance looks will be more thoughtful, and acknowledge her own rich culture! Maybe take a note from Beyoncé

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