H&M size fail

Ruth Clemens, trying on a too-small pair of H&M jeans *larger* than her usual size.

photo: Facebook/Ruth Clemens

We all think we know what size we are, but the truth is that we really only know what size we are at a particular store.

Ruth Clemens had this exact bone to pick with H&M on Facebook, when she found that she could barely get a pair of size 16 pants — the largest size the store carries — over her hips.

What's more, Clemens says she's normally a size 14.

Here's her Facebook post:

And here's the text in full, in which she expresses her disappointment at how the brand fails to serve its larger customers — who aren't even really plus-size. It's a frustration that many of H&M's customers share:

Many people expressed their support of Clemens.

"Unbelievable!!! It comes as no shock that many people including children/teens have low self esteem when it comes to their body," one commenter said.

"This is ridiculous!" said another. "People with flat stomachs are now gonna become plus size? What's next? We'll have to get a concave belly?"

For its part, H&M did respond to Clemens and chalked the size disparity up to "the style, cut, and fabric":

Almost everyone I've spoken to about this had the same thing to say — their average size in most other stores was at least four sizes too small for them at H&M. I'm normally a size 0 or 2, depending on the store; at H&M I can't even get a size 6 past my thighs.

H&M isn't the only culprit mind you, but it IS one of the worst. Props to Clemens for pointing out how variable — and how *unrealistic* — commercial sizing can be.

h/t Hello Giggles