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Translation: We don't have room for plus sizes anymore.

H&M plus sizes
photo: Maria Fischer/Revelist

The irony of that is flooring when you consider that NYC is home to H&M's largest location in the world, Herald Square

And I know for a fact — because I used to shop it quite frequently — that Herald Square was one of the few H&M NYC locations that used to carry plus-sizes. 

Over the past few years, I've watched the plus-size section at H&M Herald Square be relocated from the first floor to the second floor, and shrink from a modest quadrant near the fitting room to a shoebox-size cubby next to the cash registers. 

Personally, I stopped shopping there about a year ago. The selection was so small, disorganized, and constantly sold out in my size, that it wasn't worth it anymore. If plus-size women in NYC stopped shopping in-store for H&M clothes, it isn't because they wanted to, it's because the retailer made it so awful that online became the better option. 

This distancing from plus sizes was alluded to in the H&M studio fall '16 campaign, which was first praised and then condemned for its inclusivity — or lack thereof.

h&m ashley graham
photo: H&M

The "groundbreaking" campaign featured plus model Ashley Graham wearing the collection that would be offered in straight and plus sizes. 

The images marked the first time that a plus-size model fronted an H&M campaign that wasn't promoting body positivity and plus sizes alone. Dozens of publications, including this one, lauded the effort as a step in the right direction. 

Then Racked read the fine print at the bottom of the campaign poster: "plus size will be sold exclusively on" So much for inclusivity.

The question now is, will H&M start to remove more plus-size sections from its 4,135 stores around the world?

A representative told Revelist that H&M Plus is still offered "in the majority of US locations," but declined to provide an exact number of stores that currently carry plus sizes.  

Here's how H&M Plus is represented in a few states across the country, according to H&M's store locator tool.

17 out of 75 stores in California carry plus sizes
4 out of 16 stores in Ohio carry plus sizes
7 out of 35 stores in New York state carry plus sizes
15 out of 29 stores in Texas carry plus sizes
6 out of 21 stores in in New Jersey carry plus sizes
5 out of 21 stores in Pennsylvania carry plus sizes
4 out of 16 stores in Washington carry plus sizes
15 out of 29 stores in Florida carry plus sizes

Considering that the average size of the American woman is now a size 16 to 18, H&M could do a lot better for its customers.

h&m sizes
photo: Maria Fischer/Revelist