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Everyone wants to feel like a princess when they're getting married. If you've actually played a princess — or a snow queen — then of course your wedding is the perfect opportunity to channel that!

When Idina Mezel, Broadway star and voice of Elsa from "Frozen," shared photos of her wedding gown, Disney stans lost it.

Menzel looked like a gorgeous ice princess in her wedding gown.

Menzel wore a custom white lace off-the-shoulder Carolina Herrera gown that was so beautiful it could've doubled as fallen snow. She finished off her look with matching Jimmy Choo heels and delicate Ricardo Basta ice, I mean, jewelry, according to People. 

Although Menzel didn't get married in a giant ice castle, she still made a statement when her father and son walked her down the aisle. 

She married her fellow "Rent" cast member Aaron Lohr at her intimate home wedding, according to HelloGiggles.

If THAT wasn't enough, she also wore a diamond headband that could've been mistaken for a crown.

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Look, if you get the chance to voice a Disney princess, you have every right to wear a crown whenever you damn please. Menzel made the jewels look effortless, and didn't take away from her beautiful gown. Smart styling! 

When Menzel posted the photos on her social media, one fan said it was "melting" her heart.

Some lost their cool when they saw the dress.


Others skipped the whole princess connection and declared her a queen.

"You are Soooo Beautiful! What a Gorgeous Wedding Dress! You really are Queen Elsa !!" a follower said on Instagram. One fan made a reference to Menzel's other well-known role as Elphaba in "Wicked" and said, "OMG U LOOK AMAZING...[G]uess you could say that wedding was wicked." Safe to say her fans never miss an opportunity to make a good pun. 

From the gown to the low-key wedding, she's definitely living a fairytale.

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With all these subtle ice princess references, could Menzel be hinting that the "Frozen" sequel could arrive sooner than we thought? We'll just have to wait and see.