Ikea frakta
photo: Ikea

Ikea's iconic blue Frakta bag is celebrating its 30th birthday, so there's no better opportunity to remind a certain brand (*cough, cough* Balenciaga) that it was here FIRST.

Yes, it's crinkly. Yes, it's cheap. Yes, it can withstand a thousand trips to the grocery store — but that's why the world has carried this $.99 bag for generations.

And if Ikea's latest ad is any indication, the Frakta only gets better with age. 

In the video, the bag takes a journey across the world.

The video follows the bag as it travels from a family's small kitchen to a basketball court to a beach. It even transforms into a cute jacket for a small puppy. Note to other brands: Having a dog in your ads is always a win. ALWAYS.

“Why should functionality and quality be a privilege for the few, when we can do something about it?” the video inquires.

The video references Balenciaga's $2,145 bag that looks very similar to Ikea's $.99 version. Although Ikea released a statement saying it was "deeply flattered" by the designer imitation, many people online thought it was outrageous to pay that much for what's basically a more expensive copy. 

Also, the Frakta has endless versatility and it can be made into an assortment of things. Like a pair of sandals...

Or even a thong.

Maybe don't recycle this one.

So whether or not you choose to make your Frakta into a jacket for your puppy or a thong, the Ikea bag isn't going anywhere.

h/t Yahoo