kim kardashian red carpet
photo: Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

Kim Kardashian has started out 2018 strong. Thanks to her hit reality show and KKW Beauty, she's more influential than ever, and she just welcomed a third child. But some fans just won't let Kardashian live her life by shaming her latest Instagram posts. 

Kardashian's followers brought up the Paris robbery after she posted pictures on her Instagram wearing some bling. 

The thing is, Kardashian has a "no jewelry allowed" rule at her house due to the robbery, and has put several security measures in place including constant armed security at their home, according to TMZ

They don't store the few pieces of jewelry Kardashian still owns at their home, and they have someone always guarding the items at another location. TMZ also reports Kardashian won't be wearing real jewelry anymore, only replicas, and IF she wore real jewelry, then it would be "borrow[ed]" for a certain occasion, and still wouldn't be worn in their home. Instead, a stylist would meet her before and after the event. So basically... don't even think about robbing her.

But the mouthpiece she's wearing in a recent post looks very similar to the one she wore before the October 2016 robbery. 

With her new precautions in place, it's unknown if the one she wore was the original grill or a recreation. Either way, Kardashian has a right to live her life and wear whatever jewelry she wants rather than constantly living in fear.  

Despite Kardashian's new precautions, Instagram was ruthless when Kardashian posted her pictures. 

"Somethings (sic) don't change," one user commented. 

"You know what happen (sic) last time you did that!!!!!" another user said. 

At the end of the day, it's no one's job to regulate what Kardashian wants to wear. 

Although Kardashian is consistently in the public eye, she is a grown woman who shouldn't have to live her life fearful of what may happen for simply wearing jewelry. Maybe haters could encourage people to, I don't know, not rob people rather than blaming the victim? Just a thought.