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There's no denying Barbie and Iris Apfel are absolute icons. Barbie is known for her all-pink lifestyle and her endless amount of careers. Apfel is a 96-year-old fashion legend famous for her head-to-toe colorful outfits and her thick-rimmed glasses, who's done everything from designing for the White House to appearing in Vogue Italia.

Both are well-known fashion figures who demonstrate how you can always achieve the impossible, especially with a good outfit! So it makes sense that Mattel has joined the two together in a special way. In honor of Apfel’s new book, Barbie has debuted an Apfel-inspired doll — but there is one catch.

Sadly, the Iris Apfel Barbie isn't for sale. Still, your favorite dolls can now wear Apfel-approved threads. 

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photo: Courtesy of Mattel

This fall, Barbie will release a line inspired by Apfel's Rara Avis clothing line, so your fashion dreams can still live on. Plus, the new Iris Apfel Barbie will make an appearance on the Barbie Style Instagram, which has over a million followers. 

"Iris Apfel embodies the quintessential role model for Barbie with her singular style vision, entrepreneurial spirit and independence," Mattel said. 

"Her long-spanning career makes her the perfect subject of a one-of-a-kind doll, the highest honor Barbie bestows," the brand continued. 

Hey, we may not all be able to get a Barbie doll replica, but we can definitely get inspired by Afpel.

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