A counter-fashion project is turning the Ivanka Trump line on its head by converting unwanted duds into genderless jumpsuits. YES. JUMPSUITS. 

The Rational Dress Society's "Make America Rational Again" (MARA) clothing drive will take unwanted Ivanka Trump clothing and recycle it into post-consumer fiber.

Once the Ivanka Trump merchandise is reduced to raw materials, it will be used to make genderless, size inclusive jumpsuits.

As the Washington Post has reported, Ivanka Trump clothing is made in Chinese factories where workers toil for 60 hours and only bring home $62 a week. The MARA jumpsuits, however, will be recycled and made in America under fair working conditions. 

Donations of Ivanka Trump clothing are being accepted by The Rational Dress Society through July. Once all those "itchy plastic blouses, dresses, and pencil skirts" are recycled, sales of the jumpsuits will benefit organizations that advocate for fair labor practices in the US. 

Here's a promotional video that further explains things.

Unlike other jumpsuits created by The Rational Dress society, the recycled Ivanka pieces will be "special edition" and designed in pink and gold.

Why jumpsuits, you may be asking? The Rational Dress Society is not a business — it's an experiment. According to their website, the jumpsuit offers "a way to forego the insular logic of self-expression in favor of forming communal bonds." It represents a Utopian dress ideal that will supposedly help us "reject the signs of class, race, and gender that are inscribed onto our daily interactions." 

It sounds a bit like a weird fashion cult, until you hear the end goal, which is only to make enough money to take out a full-page jumpsuit ad in Vogue. Then the project is over. 

You can read more about the rationale behind the initiative here. And if you want to get your hands on one of those special edition Ivanka jumpsuits, stay tuned to their website — the suits will be auctioned off at a later date. 

h/t Huffington Post