jennifer lawrence red carpet
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Being a celebrity means that there's never a bad time to wear a princess gown — and for the premiere of "mother!" Jennifer Lawrence did just that.

Her red carpet gown was so gorgeous, it would make Cinderella jealous. 

Tell me that J.Law's Dior dress isn't a Cinderella dream.

jennifer lawrence mother! premiere
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Cinderella who?

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 No shade to that OG Disney Princess, but she should definitely take some style notes from J.Law. 


You could definitely fit a lot of snacks under that gown. 

If THAT wasn't enough, even the back of the dress was amazing.

jennifer lawrence mother! premiere
photo: Richard Buxo / Splash News

Criss-crossing back straps to match the front? What's not to love? Although, the bra that you'd wear with this dress would be a mystery to me. Kudos to Lawrence for slaying in this look. 

The dress was a red carpet reinterpretation of the same gown Lawrence wore in the movie posters, according to The Daily Mail.

jennifer lawrence mother!
photo: IMDB

Although the horror film "mother!" is far from a Disney film, Lawrence's look was definitely enchanting. Probably good that she went sans bloody heart for the red carpet, too. 

Lawrence proved that just because it's fall, it doesn't mean you have to let go of flower crowns.

jennifer lawrence mother! premiere
photo: Richard Buxo / Splash News

Almost like a reverse flower crown, the burgundy, yellow, and green arrangement wrapped around the back of her hair and continued to the side. The darker-hued flowers were perfect for fall, and went with the moody vibe of both her look and the horror film. I hope Lawrence has more dark and ethereal looks for the "mother!" red carpet this season! 

If you haven't seen the trailer for "mother!" check it out here.

It will leave you shooketh.