kaela humphries bridesmaid

Kaela is on the far left, next to Kylie.

It's safe to say that Kaela Humphries did not like the bridesmaid dress that Kim Kardashian chose for her back in 2011. 

TMZ has received photos that show Kaela — sister of Kris Humphries, Kim's second husband — rolling around on the floor in the $10,000 Vera Wang dress and wearing ripped pieces of its tulle wrapped around her head. 

kaela humphries

Ain't no party like a Kaela Humphries party.

photo: TMZ

According to the report, Kaela and her friends took turns ripping off pieces of the dress to make the headbands. Because, you know, that's a fun girls' night activity. Her besties also got to try on the dress and take photos (email editors@revelist.com if you can find them!).

While it seems cruel and a waste of a Vera Wang's impeccable handiwork, what's crueler is the fact that Kim put Kaela, a woman with sizable boobs, in a strapless dress with no support for her girls. As a member of the DD club, my sympathies are with Kaela. 

Not cool, Kim! 

kaela humphries bridesmaid dress


photo: TMZ