If you know anything about our beauty, artistic, and life inspiration Kat Von D, it's that she is a shoe FIEND. She has an entire closet in her house dedicated to footwear, so when we heard that she was launching her own super-stylish, vegan shoe line, we got insanely excited.

Back in September 2016, Kat hinted that she was hooking up with luxury vegan footwear line, Mink Shoes. "So excited about what we have up our sleeves and can't wait to share!!"

Mink Shoes, which handmakes ethical vegan footwear in Italy, is well-known for their fun designs, super-high heels, and shockingly gorgeous faux-ostrich pleather.

Whether this will be a collaboration or Kat's own independent shoe line, we don't yet know — a quick check of Justia does reveal that KVD does have her name trademarked for use on clothing, including "boots and shoes" — but I imagine we'll find out soon.

After teasing us for months, today we finally got our first look at Kat's vegan shoe line — and it's exactly as awesome as you'd expect.

The sketches she revealed in the video posted to Instagram are high heeled, chunky, and glam as hell.

kat von d shoe line
photo: Kat Von D / Instagram

These sketches are really reflective of Kat's personal style — but they're practical, too. The heels are high, but that comes with a thick platform for comfort, and there are straps and buckles to make sure they stay on your feet.

The colors, materials, and textures are OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I hope all these samples mean we'll be getting shoes in a variety of colors AND materials — sometimes a girl wants a red satin ballet flat, you know?

Here's a closer look at the "Mary Jane T-strap wedge," which is basically all of my '90s teen witch dreams brought to life.

The organization freak in me also loves seeing Kat's design notes — "Thicker strap," "concealed platform," "wide buckle."

And these lace-up platforms are SO cool.

But the shoe Kat is shown spending the longest time sketching is this ICONIC spider web d'orsay heel.

This is so Morticia Addams in the '70s, I can't stand it.

Can you imagine this shoe in matte black leather with sparkly spiderweb accents? I'm dying.

I would also 100% pin a bedazzled spider brooch onto one of these, btw.

Kat says she plan to launch this shoe line this year — "Now maybe my office can go from looking like a serial [shoe] killer's place back to normal. For now."

I'll keep you updated on a more exact date, price, and availability as that info becomes available.

In the meantime, watch Kat designing in shoe heaven in this video!

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Are you excited for Kat's shoe line? What styles and colors do you hope she'll bless us with?

I hope there's at least one boot in there, because that's the kind of girl I am. Anyway. Tell me yr feelings in the comments, or on Facebook!