Kat Von D would like you to know that she is recording an album. That's right, the Kat Von D Beauty empire is now expanding to consume your record player and your shoe collection. In a new interview with Dazed, she talks about her upcoming record, tour, and vegan shoe line. Von D also chatted about how her humble beginnings as a tattoo artist and how she defines beauty through changing trends — Kat Von D Beauty is already 10 years old!

Still, it's those new ventures that have us most interested. Here's what we know so far about Von D's music and Von D vegan shoes.

She's been teasing her vegan shoe line, Von D Shoes, for a very hot minute.

More like a minute so hot it's burning up as it enters our atmosphere. Von D has been talking about her vegan shoe line since January 2017 but she tells Dazed that the line "launches this summer." As of press date, September 5, there are 19 days left of summer, so make of that what you will.

According to the Von D Shoes Instagram, they've had press photos and products complete as of February 2018. Fans waiting to cop her patent platform wedge Mary Janes have been waiting for some time. But it does take a long time to launch a brand, and Von D did just have her first baby, so we're cutting her slack.

She doesn't elaborate much on Von D Shoes.

Von D didn't provide any additional details to Dazed. But we do know that Von D Shoes sizes will run US size 5-12. It will also include custom hardware, like cross-shaped zipper pulls and a filigree brand monogram on the sole of every shoe.

As for her music, we're guessing it's something goth.

She's has been less coy about her music on social media. Von D has toured and performed with IAMX, which is musician Chris Corner's project; you may remember him from influential 90s band the Sneaker Pimps. IAMX has a similar trip-hop IDM vibe, with lots of Los Angeles rocker goth. 

Von D has also performed with her controversial husband Rafael Reyes' band Prayers. Their music is a much harder rock than IAMX. Reyes and Von D actually met on the set of one his music videos.

She's posted photos of herself in the recording studio; it is unknown of she is recording her own work or continuing her collaboration with IAMX.

And she's touring internationally!

"I’m excited to finally release my album, and do an international tour launching in spring 2020," Von D told Dazed. She also noted that punk music played a huge role in how she perceives beauty: "I remember once I discovered punk rock music, it wasn’t necessarily a style that I was emulating, but I subscribed more to the feeling of being free." All former* teen goths can agree with that sentiment.

Again, no word on when her record drops, but we'll keep you updated.

*"Former" is used loosely, because we all know that you never grow out of your teen goth soul. ♥