If you know anything about Kat Von D and her signature style, you know that she's almost always dressed in all black. From hats to gloves to chic coats, Kat's style has been darker than my soul for YEARS now.

Or at least, it was.

What began with scarlet mood lighting...

Soon progressed to floral headwear...

Eventually, not even her signature black eyeliner was exempt.

Slowly — so slowly we almost didn't notice — Kat's entire LIFE was turning red.

From lips to For Love and Lemons lingerie, Kat has gone crimson.

Like, literally. Head to toe.

Even her tattoo machines are red now!

(This is a custom machine made by Seth Cifierri, if you're curious.)

At first I thought this was a color theme she was doing for Instagram. But no. It looks like Kat Von D has gone ALL RED EVERYTHING.

Necklaces. Nail polish. Elaborate high-necked dresses. THE WORKS.

But the question is, why the sudden, sharp turn into scarlet?

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I mean, it clearly makes packing easier.

And deciding what to wear on any given day is *clearly* a breeze...


Maybe she just re-read "The Handmaid's Tale."

handmaid's tale
photo: Cinecom

Or perhaps she rewatched "Suspiria" one too many time in the lead-up to Halloween?

photo: Giphy

I have no idea. All I know is that Kat Von D is no longer a member of the ALL BLACK EVERYTHING club.

We're gonna have to elect a new president, guys.

But credit where credit is due — she's definitely making this monochrome bright red thing work for her.

Maybe Kat's defection will usher in a whole new era of CRIMSON GOTH REALNESS.

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Who knows?

Are you a fan of Kat's new look? Will you be dressing in head-to-toe red anytime soon?

I'm feeling that skull necklace, but I think I'll stick to my dark colors for the foreseeable future. Anyway. Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or head on over to Facebook!