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Introducing the Kate Spade bag that will change your life, or at least give you a reason to smile.

Part of the Whimsies line, the insanely adorable T-rex crossbody ($378, Kate Spade) will kill you softly with cuteness. He's made of soft, pale pink leather, with gold and silver metal studs and a long gold chain-strap.

Inside, there's a single compartment, lined with beige fabric in Kate Spade's "Quick and Curious" pattern.

Reviewers say that this bag will fit a wallet, phone, keys, and a couple of makeup items — but not much more. It's a clutch, more than a carry-all.

But did you also know that this ~viral fashion star~ has a whole bunch of little brothers and sisters?

It's true! While T-rex is clearly the Kim Kardashian of the Kate Spade family, there are a whole bunch of other members that you should know about.

Joining pink T-rex is overachieving younger brother, pastel purple Triceratops.

Kate Spade's Triceratops crossbody ($378, Kate Spade) has a pleated frill around his neck, and sharp gold studs for horns. Reviewers say that this dude, unlike the T-rex, can stand up by himself. He's also taking AP English literature this year.

And if that's a bit expensive for a novelty bag, have no fear — there are teeny tiny dinosaur coin pouches, too. These babies have just started teething.

kate spade dinosaur coin purse
photo: Kate Spade

There's the T-rex ($128, Kate Spade) and the Triceratops ($128, Kate Spade). Which is the Kendall and which is the Kylie, though?

They are EXTREMELY CUTE dangling off a bag.

It also looks like the mouth might open and close a little?

Looking for dino jewelry? You're in the right place, fam.

These T-rex drop earrings ($68, Kate Spade) have black crystals for eyes, which is basically the answer to a prayer I didn't even know I had.

But if you're more of a stud earring person — and I am — can I interest you in some bubblegum-purple Triceratops?

Ok, the Triceratops ear jackets ($68, Kate Spade) are my favorites — the earrings are designed to look like the dinosaur is going through your ear. LOVE.

And may I introduce you to the twins, T-rex necklace and Triceratops brooch?

dinosaur jewelry
photo: Kate Spade

They're both really into choir right now. T-rex necklace ($78, Kate Spade) and Triceratops brooch ($78, Kate Spade).

And then there's the rebellious keychain sister that nobody talks about much.

The Dinosaur keychain ($68, Kate Spade) is kind of the family's black sheep — the pink leather is just a LITTLE brighter than the rest of the T-rex line (the shade is called "pink confetti" on the site, instead of the lighter "teatime pink") — and so she's always felt like she doesn't quite fit in.

You'll find your way, Dinosaur keychain.

If you want to adopt a Kate Spade dinosaur of your own, you'd better hurry — these are about to become the It-item of spring.

You can find the full dino-line at the Kate Spade website, as well as in stores at select other retailers.