While the whole Kardashian family is pretty good at appropriating Black culture, Kendall and Kylie in particular never seem to learn.

After Kendall's All-Lives-Matter Pepsi commercial and Kylie stating that she invented wearing wigs (*eye roll*), they've been called out and have had the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and do better.

They haven't. And the latest Kylie + Kendall T-shirt line is stunningly offensive proof of that.

This week, Kendall and Kylie released a series of $125 vintage T-shirts that overlay their faces over iconic musicians such as Tupac and Biggie, and bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden.

Kendall  Kylie t-shirts
photo: Kendall + Kylie

And shit hit the fan. FAST. 

While the 15 limited edition T-shirts themselves are vintage, each one has a picture of Kylie or Kendall slapped on top of it. 

The design features this photo of Kylie in cornrows...

... with a picture of Tupac in the back. There's so much wrong with this.

Kendall  Kylie t-shirts
photo: Kendall + Kylie

For starters, she's culturally appropriating by wearing cornrows, which is criticism Kylie has gotten repeatedly. And secondly, then taking that ignorance and deciding to profit from it by adding Tupac's image — actually PLACING YOURSELF OVER A BLACK MAN — is about as literal as you can get when stealing another culture.

And putting Biggie behind a picture of Kendall wearing hoop earrings just didn't sit well for multiple reasons.

Kendall kylie t-shirts
photo: Kendall + Kylie

While the jury's still out on whether hoop earrings are cultural appropriation, it's still odd to see her sad attempt at pulling off a streetwear look while literally erasing a hip-hop icon. 

There are also shirts with the Kendall + Kylie logo OVER Tupac's name.

Kendall  Kylie t-shirts
photo: Kendall + Kylie

Black Twitter sounded off, and it didn't go well for the Jenners.

On the Kendall and Kylie Instagram, they posted a series of editorial images promoting the vintage shirts — but ~mysteriously~ didn't include the Tupac and Biggie versions.

The rap icon T-shirts have mysteriously disappeared from their site as well.

An Instagram user said, "oh my GOD this is like saying ur a better artist than Da Vinci and then smearing feces across the face of the Mona Lisa." Another said, "Nothing vintage about ripping off an icon!" 

But horrifyingly, the fact that the Jenners are once again appropriating Black culture doesn't seem to be a deal-breaker for their fans — the shirts are selling out FAST.

One of One KK Rock Logo Tee ($125, Kendall + Kylie

Though as of June 29, the Biggie and Tupac versions are "no longer available," you can still buy a ruined Led Zeppelin tee.

One of One KK Rock Logo Tee ($125, Kendall + Kylie

Kylie's cornrows make a comeback screened on top of a Metallica tee.

One of One Kylie Instagram Rock Tee ($125, Kendall + Kylie

Kendall's hoops reappear over rock legends like Ozzy Osbourne.

One of One Kendall Selfie Rock Tee ($125, Kendall + Kylie)

These shirts are absurd and offensive. The Jenners trying to gain "street cred" by profiting off Black culture is another insulting move.

photo: Tenor

Using the images of dead hip-hop icons with your own images covering them makes it even worse.

Although the Jenners seem to have removed the T-shirts from their online store, it's simply not enough. Maybe by issuing a statement explaining how they truly understand WHY the shirts were offensive will bridge the gap that they've created with their fans.