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But it's THIS picture that has the ballet world seriously pissed.

Kendall, who is not a trained dancer, is wearing pointe shoes. And she's standing en pointe in a REALLY dangerous way — you can see that the sole of the shoe is totally flat, meaning they haven't been broken in correctly. They also don't have the ribbons attached or laced at the ankles, but they do have elastic (or tulle maybe?) holding them onto her feet.

I studied ballet for years. For a long time, I thought it would be my career. I look at this picture and go "Yikes, no!" but... it also looks like all of Kendall's weight is being held by the barre she's leaning on. I am sure she was surrounded by a flotilla of assistants who were ready to step in if her ankle so much as wobbled.

In short, it's sloppy, but not life-ending. But it seems that I'm in the minority with that opinion — because dancers all over the world are SO GODDAMNED MAD.

Dance Spirit magazine first weighed in on the controversy, calling the editorial "Facepalm-y" and implying that it trivializes the work REAL dancers put in to their art.

The magazine goes on to say "To our eyes, the whole thing reads as pretty disrespectful to the artists who devote their lives to this demanding craft."

I can kind of see their point — but I'm not sure that Kendall Jenner playing dress-up in a fashion editorial is any more disrespectful than people taking barre method classes. She's not pretending to be a dancer onstage with the Kirov; she's in a photoshoot about floaty skirts.

But that was all it took. The ballet fury built, and raged across social media...

The outrage finally crested, when Abby Lee Miller — you know, the teacher from "Dance Moms" — weighed in.

In an Instagram post that she's since deleted, Miller — who became famous for verbally abusing her young dancers, then being charged with tax fraud — wrote...

"I don't make a habit of commenting on all the dancers that post pics with incorrect technique… but I can not be a fan of this shoot. There are so many amazing dancers in the world… Kendall Jenner is not one of them! Shame on Momager, Kris Jenner!!! She never made these kids take dance class. She better get North West to [ABBY'S DANCE STUDIO IN L.A.] before it's too late!"
GIRL. You may have launched Maddy Zeigler's dance career, but I HIGHLY DOUBT Kim's gonna let you anywhere near Nori.

I understand the anger at work here. When I was dancing, I HATED the idea so many people had that ballet was prissy or easy — my broken toes, aching muscles, and injured knees all said otherwise. I still hate the way that the "ballet body" is synonymous with "thin," and held up by the fitness world as something you can get in an hour-long class at the gym.

Dancers are used to their achievements being looked down on and trivalized. We're used to people thinking that ballet is easy — because didn't Natalie Portman become a prima ballerina in only six months? — and that the craft we spend our lives perfecting is just some pretty accessory. This editorial seems to have been the breaking point.

But Kendall Jenner isn't at fault for that. She, and Vogue España, just got in the way.