kendall and kylie
photo: Kendall and Kylie

We got a sneak peek last week, and now it's here: Kendall and Kylie Jenner have blessed us with the second drop from their self-named clothing line.

Not only can you buy shirts with the sister's names on them — as well as the cat eye sunglasses Kylie's been wearing nonstop on Snapchat — but you can actually call the Jenners and tell them how you like the collection.

That's right: Kendall and Kylie put their phone numbers on t-shirts.

At first, you might look at this "Call Me Kylie" t-shirt with phone number printed down the arm and be like "Oh, OK. A phone number with which to call you, Kylie. I get it."

"Oh, you doubled down on this joke with a number on which to call you, Kendall? Cute."

BUT, TWIST! These are real numbers, and if you call them, KENDALL AND KYLIE ANSWER.

kendall and kylie phone number
photo: Kendall and Kylie

"Hello?" says Kylie. "Hey, this is Kylie Jenner. Have a great day!"

Unfortunately, you — and by you, I mean I — couldn't leave Kylizzle a message because the mailbox was full. You'll have to just buy this shirt instead. ($75, Kendall and Kylie)

Like, honestly. This is not a drill.

"Hi, this is Kendall Jenner. I'm sorry I couldn't answer your call. I hope you have a lovely day, and please call me back whenever you'd like to hear my voice. BYEEEEEEE!" ($75, Kendall and Kylie)

This "voicemail" took a cheesy joke and brought it right back around to awesome.

kendall and kylie
photo: Kendall and Kylie

Plus, talk about a REALLY cute way for Kendall and Kylie's fans to get hyped about the clothing launch.

Imagine if they actually called you back.

photo: Giphy

Prank-calling the Jenners = life goal unlocked.