If you've ever wanted a Kardashian butt, I have excellent news for you: Khloe's Good American jeans brand is dropping all new "season 2" denim — and a whole lot more.

It looks like Good American 2: Electric Boogaloo will include a range of non-denim clothing, turning Koko's "body positive" jeans line into a legit fashion empire. We're talking skirts, tops, and maybe even jackets.

And it might just be awesome.

The s2 first items to drop? Two brand new pairs of cropped jeans.

good american cropped jeans
photo: Good American

Both of these jeans have a 27" inseam, and come in two colorways — the Good Waist (left) in dark and light blue denim, and the Good Legs (right) in black and white.

The Good Waist crop ($149, Good American) has an "ultra-high rise, natural back lift, and corset-slimming elasticity." The Good Legs crop ($145, Good American) are "super-skinny," with "hip and leg sculpting fabric." The Good Legs crop is available from size 0 to 24 on the website, but the Good Waist is only available up to a size 14 — larger plus-sizes are currently waitlisted.

But that's not all. Khloe has hinted that the line will be expanding from a jeans line to a full-fledged clothing line.

good american khloe
photo: Good American

New drops will include "Jackets, Skirts, Shorts, Lace-Up, Rigid & More."

So what does it all mean? Let's look at the new Good American campaign and speculate wildly!

The early '00s are coming back in the form of lace-up leg jeans.

good american lace up jeans
photo: Good American

Chantel Jeffries is modeling what looks like stonewashed blue or gray high-waisted jeans that lace up the legs to the knee.

This style looks like it will also come in black.

good american jeans new
photo: Good American

As modeled by new Good Squad inductee, and frequent Kardashian kollaborator, Anastasia Karanikolaou (a.k.a. Stassie Baby).

And am I imagining it, or are Stassie and Chantel BOTH draped in some seriously perfect tuxedo-style jackets? Please, Khlo-money, bless us with blazers.

Could this be another Good American blazer we see before us?!

good american clementine
photo: Good American

Clémentine Desseaux is also the founder of the All Woman Project.

But back to the jeans. According to teaser photos on the site, there's also a SUPREME lace-up style on the way.

I've been critical of Good American jeans before — previous cuts really haven't worked for me, or my co-workers — but please GOD I will do ANYTHING for these.

Now let's talk about that pleather bustier. Could this ALSO be part of Khloe's upcoming line?

good american clothing
photo: Good American

Emily Sears returns to the Squad for S2.

We've also seen some super-shiny patent leather on Rox Brown...

good american jackets
photo: Good American

Rox is a damn treasure, btw. I'm happy she's a part of this campaign.

There's a HINT of worn leather on Denise Bidot...

good american denise
photo: Good American

Denise joins Khloe's Squad this season.

AND a cropped faux-leather jacket on Khloe.

khloe good american
photo: Khloe Kardashian / Instagram

(Which looks nearly identical to the jacket Bella Hadid is wearing in this photo posted to Good American's Instagram.)

good american bella hadid
photo: Good American / Instagram
MY THEORY: Good American will be releasing a line of faux-leather jackets and tops. Perhaps that's what "rigids" means... ? Because pleather is stiff?

There will also be more denim than you can shake a stick at, including distressed denim jackets.

good american jackets
photo: Good American

Khloe models one on the site, styled as more of an off-the-shoulder chambray top; new Squad member Paloma Elsesser wears hers in a slightly more conventional way.

In addition to denim jackets and skirts, it looks like we can also look forward to some Kardashian-approved jort action.

good american jeans
photo: Good American
Jorts = jeans + shorts. These look really cute, and I can't wait to see Khloe wearing them with a long duster, baseball hat, and fur slides.

And — dare we wish it? — there could even be some slightly edgier jean styles on the way. Distressed, fringed-hem denim? Um, yes.

good american jeans
photo: Good American


And could these fringed jeans also come in black?!

good american jeans
photo: Good American
Roxy Reyes is making me hope so.

We *may* even get some lacy underthings (to be worn as outerthings, naturally).

good american lingerie
photo: Good American
This camisole — as shown on new Squad model (Squadel?) Meredith Mickleson — was also shown as a zoomed-in crop promo image. Khloe loves to wear lacy bodies as shirts, so this would be 100% her aesthetic.

And — could it be? — maybe even jewelry!

good american
photo: Good American
If India Love is selling it, I'm buying.

New Good American items will be launching twice every week — so stay tuned!

khloe kardashian good american
photo: Khloe Kardashian / Instagram
Check out the new launches on the Good American website — and you can read what we thought about season one's jeans right here.