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Talk about a #Kardashianproblem: You're on the cover of a major magazine, looking next-level gorgeous, and it's STILL not gorgeous enough.
photo: Shape Magazine

Though honestly, her outfit is the LEAST of her problems right now.

Raise your hand if you HATE hearing Khloe talk about herself like this. Khloe, you don't need to talk shit about your "old" body to highlight how great your "new" one is. It's not healthy, it's not empowering, it's not cool. All you're doing is feeding into the BS societal beauty standards that made you feel shitty about yourself back when your show premiered. You're better than this.

You can see all the other outfits Khloe would have preferred for this cover — as well as learning why she wears full makeup to the gym (EW STOP WHY) — at Shape right now.