kim kardashian street style
photo: Splash News

Like clockwork, when Halloween rolls around so do the culturally appropriating costumes. So when Kim Kardashian attempted an Aaliyah costume, the singer's stans weren't having it. 

The costume was supposed to resemble Aaliyah's look from her iconic "Try Again" music video, which led to MANY on Twitter to call the look out for cultural appropriation. But... is it really?

Look, Kardashian's family has a pretty impressive archive of occasions when they HAVE culturally appropriated, and to me, this costume isn't it.

She didn't do Blackface. She didn't try and perform like Aaliyah (thank goodness), nor did she try and profit off of Aaliyah's look by selling T-shirts (*cough cough* Kendall and Kylie). 

I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that Kardashian was stealing Black culture with her costume, but the Twitter community was really not having it.

Some fans compared her costume to Keke Palmer's Aaliyah look in 2015.

I mean, it's really not fair to compare. Palmer even did a whole dance routine

Not all on Twitter slammed Kardashian for the costume. Others even loved it!

Before calling someone out for stealing from the culture, it's vital that people take a step back and REALLY see if someone's appropriatiating.

Kardashian didn't attempt to change her complexion nor change her hair texture when becoming Aaliyah. Kardashian ALSO dressed up as Cher and Madonna this year for Halloween to pay homage to other fierce musicians which, as Vogue said, demonstrates how Aaliyah is viewed as legendary as those other artists.

After years of being accused of Blackface and cultural appropriation, Kardashian MIGHT have finally been more culturally sensitive. We should at least acknowledge her minimal progress towards wokeness.