kim kardashian
photo: Instagram/@makeupbyariel

While in Miami for Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour on Thursday night, Kim Kardashian got a spray tan — and of course she had to share the results on social media. 

She showed off her new bronze on Snapchat, but only a pair of hands and a strategically placed makeup bag kept Kim from showing all of it off.

kim kardashian snapchat
photo: Snapchat

Although TBH, we secretly think she wanted to. Because even when she's fully clothed, it's clear Kim would rather just be wearing nothing at all. She may be impeccably dressed, but we believe her closet door may soon shut for good.

Why? Because Kim Kardashian West is becoming a nudist.

Don't believe me? The proof is in the photos.

naked kim
photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

And by photos, I mean Kim's nude selfies.

Exhibit A: the aforementioned Snapchat.

photo: Snapchat

"Nothing like a midnight spray tan, you guys," Kim said in an accompanying video.

The Snapchat came mere hours after Kim ditched her shirt to grab dinner with Kanye.

kim kardashian nudist
photo: Splash

*stares at wife's case*

kim kardashian kanye
photo: Splash

Kim's wardrobe has basically become one big closet of lingerie and naked dresses.

kim kardashian naked dress
photo: Splash

...if she decides to even wear clothes at all.

photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

"When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL," Kim captioned this Instagram post.

Unfortunately, the law requires Kim to wear clothes when she steps outside the house.

photo: Splash

But there's nothing illegal about that nipple action.

So when she can't be nude, she just wears nudes.

kim kardashian nude
photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

Or she'll caaaasually leave her shirt unbuttoned.

photo: Splash

Making Kim wear clothes is like trapping her in a torture chamber.

"Get this fabric off of me!!!!" 

*shakes vigorously until dress slides down shoulder*

Don't even THINK about asking Kim to change into proper activewear for a round of tennis.

photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

She'll whoop your ace.

Tempted to tell Kim to wear pants under her trench coat? Ha, good joke.

kim kardashian naked
photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

She won't even put on clothes for her GQ cover.

kim kardashian gq cover
photo: GQ

"Wear clothes? Who? Me?"

kim kardashian mexico
photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

We know it's only a matter of time before Kim just walks around in a permanent birthday suit.

kim kardashian mesh
photo: Splash

To hell with society's rules, amirite?

But if you're not here for Kim's naked lifestyle, just remember that a photo is worth 1,000 words — and Mrs. West's topless selfie is sending a VERY clear message.

kim kardashian nude selfie
photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

She doesn't care what you think of her nakedness. 

Long live Kim Kardashian West, the nudest nudist ever.

kim kardashian nudist
photo: Instgram/@kimkardashian

I mean, her speech at the 2016 Webby Awards was "Nude selfies till I die." We should have seen this coming.