If Kim Kardashian is committed to nothing else (besides, you know, marriage and kids), she's most certainly committed to being on-brand at all times. You could really bet all your money on a Kim Kardashian launch being on-brand and you'd always win it right back. From her makeup to her fragrance bottles, the Kardashian knows her audience. Her latest venture is a new shapewear brand called Kimono, which... like... well... it's on-brand, OK?! 

We all know that Kardashian and family (and friends) are all about a very specific body shape. Now Kardashian plans to treat her fans to that shape with Kimono. The only problem is that according to her recently released model photos, plus-size people aren't invited to the party.

Kardashian announced the brand with this preview of her designs.

"Finally, I can share with you guys this project that I have been developing for the last year. I’ve been passionate about this for 15 years," she wrote about the upcoming launch. "Kimono is my take on shapewear and solutions for women that actually work. 

Per the brand photos, the shapewear brand will include shorts, underwear, bodysuits, and bras. 

Kardashian shared that she created shapewear to address every single issue she's had while wearing it for so many years.

"I would always cut up my shapewear to make my own styles, and there have also been so many times I couldn’t find a shapewear color that blended with my skin tone so we needed a solution for all of this."

Um... I don't know about Kardashian — a white woman — saying that she's had trouble finding shapewear to match her skin tone. Most shapewear brands literally ONLY make shapewear that matches *her* skin tone. But I digress. The designs look fine. It's also dope that she did include darker shades. You know, for people who actually do have a tough time finding nude undergarments to match their skin tone.

Her most unique design is this asymmetrical solution short. 

"The third pic is the solution short," Kardashian explained. "I developed this style for all of those times I wanted to wear a dress or skirt with a slit and still needed the support. Introducing Kimono Solutionwear™ for every body. Coming Soon in sizes XXS - 4XL in nine shades. I can’t wait for you to feel this fabric!" 

It's actually dope that Kim Kardashian understands that shade-matching is for more than makeup. It's also wonderful that she's going up to a 4XL for her shapewear on her first launch. That's actually higher than Rihanna's Savage X lingerie brand, which only goes up to 3X for underwear.

But the internet has one major concern about Kardashian's inclusion of plus sizes: Where are they in the campaign launch photos?

"Nobody told Kim she should use different size models for this line," one person noted. 

Seriously, the entire point of her going up to a 4X was obviously to be inclusive of different body types. Still, somehow no one with a plus-size body was included in the initial campaign photos. Why is that? The message sent — whether intentionally or unintentionally — is that she doesn't mind collecting plus-size dollars yet doesn't actually think actual plus-size people are worth being displayed visually. 

If that message is incorrect, then Kardashian should consider being a better messenger.

If shapewear is for "every body," as Kardashian shared in her Instagram note, then where are all of the, you know, bodies?

"All of these girls look identical though," another person noted. There is no way that launch photos of an inclusive shapewear brand should have women with similar body types. Sure, these women are curvy, but they all seem to have that trendy Kim Kardashian body shape. All women do not have the same body in the real world. A truly thoughtful ad campaign would reflect that.

If the women Kardashian seeks to sell to cannot even see themselves in her campaign photos, why should they even buy from her?

As a dark-skinned woman, I wouldn't buy from a brand that sells darker nude colors but didn't feature any actual dark people in its ad photos; it looks like blatant pandering. Why should plus-size people buy from this new Kimono brand if Kim Kardashian didn't even deem them worthy enough to be seen in her beautiful shapewear pictures? 

Maybe she forgot. Maybe more photos are coming. Still, the initial launch photos should reflect all that you want your brand to embody.

Are photos of plus-size women wearing the Kimono shapewear by Kardashian going to be shown later?

I'm pretty sure that after these critiques, a few photos of a plus-size woman wearing Kimono shapewear will pop up on the brand's Instagram page. That still doesn't excuse the brand for omitting them in the first place. Why do plus-size people often have to come last? Kardashian and the rest of the fashion and retail industry should always be challenging themselves to not treat diversity as an afterthought or as a sectionalized thing. Diversity looks like all colors and sizes offered AND all colors and sizes SHOWN. Period.