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I'm as obsessed with heels as the next shopping fanatic, but I have to admit it's definitely turned into more of a love-hate relationship over the years. Whether it was when you were wobbling dangerously on cobblestones or when you were running to the nearest couch when your feet couldn’t take the pain any longer, we've all had a moment where we wanted to chuck our heels into the trash for good.

So when Kristen Stewart took off her shoes in the middle of the Cannes red carpet, it was a moment we could all relate to.

While attending a screening of Spike Lee's "BlacKkKlansman" as an official jury member, Stewart removed her red bottoms (aka Christian Louboutin heels) once it started raining. 

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First of all, she's not wearing rainboots, so I imagine her look wasn't really ready to withstand a thunderstorm. Secondly, Louboutins are by no means cheap, so I certainly wouldn't want to ruin them, either!

When images landed on Twitter of Stewart going sans heels, the unofficial fashion police actually loved what she did!

"Kristen Stewart taking her heels off at Cannes is a mood," one user said. 

Some even included Stewart's statement from last year regarding the Cannes dress code. 

In 2017, Stewart expressed to The Hollywood Reporter how she felt about the Cannes dress code, which includes flats being forbidden on the red carpet. "People get very upset at you if you like don't wear heels or something, whatever, but I feel like you can't ask people that anymore. It's just kind of a given," Stewart said. Even though Stewart most likely removed her heels simply due to the elements, its great for her to show how women can express themselves on the red carpet in heels AND flats. 

Whether she decides to wear sky high heels or no shoes at all, Stewart proves that women deserve the right to have a choice. 

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Keep slaying, Kristen!

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