Kylie Jenner is pretty damn good at culturally appropriating. From cornrows to T-shirts, she's stolen from many cultures many, many times.

So when she posted a picture wearing a dress with "Far East"-inspired motifs, we weren't surprised that Jenner might have been accused of culturally appropriating Asian cultures. However, this time the fault is mostly with dress brand Réalisation.

Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram picture wearing the "Shanghai Nights" dress (ugh) by the culturally ignorant clothing brand Réalisation.

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The dress is a weak attempt to make a hodge-podge of Asian cultures, and the description definitely made us cringe. 

"We couldn’t ring in the new year without creating a tribute dress to the Far East and all the wild times we’ve had there," the description said.

Trust us, it gets worse.

"From Shanghai to Tokyo we have had some of the most fun and the worst hangovers but always the best memories," the dress' description said.

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Wait, what? The way you'd honor someone's culture is to take random fabric you deem "Far East" and then reminisce about how you got drunk there? No. Just no. 

Also, this dress is $160. That insults my wallet and my intelligence. Damn.

However, we're not sure if Jenner chose the dress herself — or was put in it by the Kardashian team of stylists. Either way, Kylie and her glam squad should know better than to support brands that fetishize other cultures.

Jenner and the Kardashians have recently hired a new team of stylists after parting ways with Monica Rose. 

Look, not everyone knows the exact description of every item of clothing. But as a public figure, Jenner is held to a higher standard. She can set trends and influence her followers — including telling them what brands to buy from. And telling millions of people that a BS "sexy Asian" dress is cool... that's not OK.

Your team has access to all the clothes in the world, Kylie. Do better.