Twitter gave the online magazine, Page 6, a mouthful after it compared Kylie Jenner and Rihanna in the same outfit. Rihanna fans simply would not hear (or read) of any comparisons between the young billionaire Jenner and the beauty and style mogul that is Rihanna. They want Page 6 and really all media publications to understand that Robyn Rihanna Fenty and Kylie Jenner do not even belong in the same sentence where fashion is concerned. 

Let's check out these two famous women's ensembles to see exactly what Page 6 was even talking about to begin with. 

Here is Rihanna looking like royalty for a shoot with Interview Magazine

Ms. Fenty is wearing the transparent animal print Animalia Catsuit by designer LaQuan Smith. OK. She isn't  *just* wearing it. She's bodying it with a matching animal print fur shawl and simple ankle strap black heels. That red lip on her lips is likely Stunna ($24, Sephora) by Fenty Beauty. Ultimately, Rihanna is being the Rihanna we've known her as for over a decade: flyer than literally everyone else.

Now, here is Kylie Jenner showing her stuff in the same stunning catsuit. 

She literally posted up on Instagram one month to the day that Rihanna's Interview Magazine shoot hit. We'll call it Rihanna's LaQuan Smith Catsuit Anniversary. Nevertheless, Jenner doesn't look bad in it. She actually looks pretty cute. Her hair is pretty, per usual. Her nails are nice, long, and pink. Her earrings are eye-catching as well. Of course, she's adorning a Kylie Cosmetics pink on her lips.

But that Rihanna reign just will never let up. 

Page 6 called this a style "face-off" between Kylie Jenner and Rihanna.

"Kylie Jenner and Rihanna face off in sheer leopard catsuits," the magazine wrote on Twitter. Rihanna fans immediately informed the magazine that it must be mistaken. Kylie Jenner? Face-off with Rihanna? In what world can this even happen, exactly? Page 6, are you OK?

One person clapped back with a cute photo collage as proof that neither Kylie Jenner nor anyone in her famous family can compete with Rihanna. 

"I used to have a post saved that showed all the outfits the Kardashians wore after Rihanna wore them first," the critic wrote. She followed up the tweet with a very telling photo collage. By the way, the tweets are factual. It has been a common conversation on various social media platforms that the KarJenners have an ongoing style game going called, "Rihanna Wore It First So You Know What To Do." 

There's more where that photo collage came from, too.

It's OK, Kopycats. We'd buy Rihanna's whole wardrobe too if we had your bank accounts. And yet, could there ever be a fashion "face-off" between a KarJenner and the person they get literally all of their inspiration from? Is that at all possible? Rihanna fans seriously do not think so. 

At this point, even Kylie Jenner and her family members have to understand the pecking order.

"Rihanna wears the outfit. The outfit just seems to wear everyone else," one fan wrote. Would anyone in the congregation like to say otherwise? Be warned before you come forward, though. You'll have to drop a few facts that trump the proof in all of these photos, though. 

The statements about Rihanna being a trendsetter are no longer mere opinions, people.

The fans have spoken. "Rihanna Miss Trendsetter, why do people compete when they can’t compare?" one Bad Gal lover wrote. No. Really. You have to have some gall or um, literally no knowledge about fashion trends over the last 10 years, to compare an outfit when Rihanna wears it versus a Kylie Jenner mirror selfie. 

We are not having any face-offs between Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, OK? OK?! ALRIGHT.

"A face-off implies a competition," wrote lingerie expert, Cora Harrington. Repeat after me: 

There is no competition. 

There is no competition.

There is no competition.

All fandom aside, let's look at more fashion facts.

Rihanna hasn't just been setting trends for the Kardashians. She's been setting trends for the whole fashion industry and the entire world FOR OVER TEN YEARS. She is the ONLY artist in her generation to graduate from collaborations with fast fashion brands (River Island) to creative directing streetwear companies (Puma) to designing with luxury labels (Dolce & Gabbana) to having her OWN WHOLE FASHION HOUSE.

She is the first woman, artist, islander, and black person to make THAT climb in fashion. She isn't just posting cute outfit selfies to run up likes. Rihanna is a creative force that has likely changed the landscape of luxury fashion for decades. Kylie Jenner literally has and could never. 

Do I sound like a stan to you? I might be but I also have a minor undergraduate degree in fashion (ahem, Consumer, Apparel & Retail Studies). I can say as a consumer, a student, and a professional that Rihanna owns fashion; fashion never owned her. And that, my friends, is the difference. 

I must admit I couldn't resist helping Twitter roast Page 6 for even DARING. It's all in good fun. 

It just is what it is. Magazines would really be doing the KarJenners a great favor to stop setting them up for hurt feelings by comparing them to a person they'll never be no matter how hard they try. "There will never, ever in this life or the next one be any such thing as a Rihanna and Kylie Jenner face-off. Ever. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk," I wrote. 

And that's that on that on that. Forever.