Celebrity beef is nothing new, but it's always a cause for confusion when the beef is started by an individual whose relevance is questionable. Lindsay Lohan is finding this out the hard way after she criticized Zendaya's Met Gala Cinderella dress. After throwing some serious shade on Instagram, Lohan is being attacked on Twitter, and we're gonna bet that she's eating her words. 

The childhood actress accused Zendaya of stealing her Met Gala look from another notable Hollywood actress, and the comparison is actually proving to be a huge reach. 

Check it out for yourself.

Zendaya absolutely slayed at this year's Met Gala.

She arrived at the 2019 Met Gala donning a baby blue ball gown and channeling the camp theme perfectly as Cinderella in a Tommy Hilfiger hoop dress. The dress glowed, literally, and she walked the carpet alongside stylist Law Roach as her fashionable fairy godmother. 

"Thank you to my Fairy Godbrutha for a fairytale ending to my Disney days," Zendaya captioned her photo of the big night.

But some, including actress Lindsay Lohan, thought that the outfit was stolen from another actress. 

Claire Danes Met Gala
photo: Getty Images

Claire Danes wore a beautiful light blue Zac Posen gown that glowed in the dark to the 2016 Met Gala and wowed everyone. With elegance and grace, she was compared to Cinderella for weeks afterward, and she was praised as the "brightest star of the Met Gala."

When Zendaya arrived to the most recent Met Gala in a blue gown that also glowed, Lohan decided to take to social media to throw some major shade.

It all started with a comment under a post of Zendaya beside Cinderella.

Lindsay Lohan did not hold back on the Disney Lifestylers Instagram page, which reposted a photo of Zendaya channeling one of the brand's most beloved princesses. "Claire Danes did that with @zacposen already," Lohan snarked in the comments section. The actress, who has a history of confrontational behavior, wasn't done after that. She had a little more shade to throw before crawling back into her irrelevancy cave.

Check out the additional stones she threw. 

Zendaya Lindsay Lohan
photo: Instagram/DisneyLifestylers

Lohan's second comment is what led to her catching some serious heat. "@clairedances you wore this dress so beautifully. I don't know why someone thinks that they can be more chic. Ever." 

And while we're confused as to why Lohan took time out of her day to come for Zendaya, we're even more confused that she spends her time scrolling Disney character-inspired Instagram pages. But do your thing, sis. Something's got to take up your free time. Not everyone can star in a new series on HBO called Euphoria like Zendaya Coleman. We get it.

But back to this copied dress business. Though both Danes and Zendaya looked nothing short of magical, the looks were not exact copies. 

While Danes' glowing fiber optic dress also lit up rooms since it glowed in the dark, Zendaya's dress lit up in the light after Law Roach sprinkled her with dust. Those are two different functions. The two dresses also have totally different designs aside from the color and light-up aspects. Furthermore, Zendaya's dress was recognizably a Cinderella costume, complete with human props. There's also the fact that light blue ball gowns have been a fixture on red carpets since forever. Lupita Nyong'o wore a powder blue gown to the 2014 Oscars complete with a blue headband, which was two years before Danes slipped into the Zac Posen design. Nyong'o was also compared to Cinderella in all of the media style coverage that year. 

We also shouldn't overlook the fact that Zendaya literally went to the Met Gala in costume as Cinderella. Her dress transformation was a modern take on the actual change Cinderella undergoes in the original Disney film by her fairy godmother. Zendaya's dress had to be blue. It had to be big. That's, er, how Cinderella dressed.

It's no surprise that Lohan's remarks were not taken lightly and she was promptly roasted on Twitter. 

Lohan got DRAGGED.

Critics want to stop Lohan to stop acting like a hater.

"@Lindsaylohan have several seats," one fan wrote directly to Lohan. "@Zendaya was flawless and multiple people repeated outfits from previous red carpet moments that night. Girrrrlll you need to chill!! She looked amazing!! You sound like a hater, tbh."

People could not help bringing up her kidnapping scandal.

If you're unfamiliar with the situation, Lohan took to Instagram Live in October 2018 to document what she said was her trying to save children from trafficking. It turned out that Lohan was actually harassing a refugee family in Moscow. The mother of the children punched Lohan in the face and knocked her down. The episode led people to believe that Lohan might be abusing drugs again. 

"Lindsay Lohan hating from the outside of the club as per usual," one Twitter user wrote. "She needs to focus on not abducting kids instead of Zendaya. Expired banana."


Even Lohan fans were disappointed. 

"Lindsay Lohan went for Zendaya on her beautiful dress. Out of nowhere she bashed her. Then she wonders why she gets so much hate? [It's] really tiring being a Lindsay fan. Sometimes almost embarrassing," said a distraught fan. "She should’ve kept quiet and focus on [getting] some work. I’m disappointed." 

People just don't understand why Lindsay Lohan isn't focused on reviving her own career.

The last time the star had a hit movie was in 2006 with the release of Georgia Rule, and before that, her biggest film was Mean Girls in 2004. So many are confused about why Lohan thought her opinion would be considered or received well. 

"Ngl, Claire Danes dress was gorgeous but Zendaya gave as a whole performance and stay with the theme. Who cares about Lindsay Lohan opinion anyway, this is not 2004," wrote a critic. 

Fans believe she should be uplifting the new generation of actresses. 

"Lindsay... try being relevant. I know it’s been a minute, but coming at [Zendaya] sure won’t get you there again. Mean Girls was a long time ago... great, but a time ago.  Guide the next generation, don’t hold it down," wrote a fan lending some advice. 

Zendaya has yet to respond, and seeing as she's proven herself to be the epitome of class and rarely entertains drama, it looks like Lohan will have to continue to talk to herself.