lizzo met gala 2019
photo: Getty Images

The Camp theme of the 2019 Met Gala inspired many celebrities to step out of their comfort zones to try something super extravagant. Kendall Jenner actually wore something feathery and memorable. Tracee Ellis Ross wore a picture frame around her head. Kris Jenner transformed into an Instagram model. 

For the very animated, body-positive Lizzo, the theme was just another license to be as bold and extra as she always is. Lizzo hit the pink carpet wearing a matching pink ensemble that was eye-catching and super feathery. The thing is, she loved her look so much that she wore it all the way from fashion's biggest event of the year to the airport. And honestly? We aspire to be this level of extra every day of our lives.

Let's not prolong this any longer. Get into this Pink Panther situation that Lizzo served this year.

Lizzo only had two words for the people when she debuted her look: "HI B****!" The young icon was dressed in custom Marc Jacobs from makeup-to-toe. Unsurprisingly, she also donned Marc Jacobs for her Allure magazine cover earlier this year. Lizzo looks like a straight-up pink goddess. THIS is how you execute the camp theme, everyone!

Model Tess Holiday shouted Lizzo out for killing it.

"So stoked to see a fat girl at the Met Ball who actually did the theme justice . @Lizzo F*** IT UP!!!!!" she wrote. 

This post is super sweet. It also drives the point home that more plus-size people deserve to be invited, welcomed, and highlighted in these spaces of the fashion industry. In 2019, there is no reason why women of all sizes aren't celebrated at every tier of this business.

While the world found itself obsessed with Lizzo at the Met Gala, we're pretty positive that no one was as smitten by Lizzo's look as Lizzo herself.

"BLACKITY BLACK BLACK BLACK AND FATTY FAT FAT FASHION AS F***," she captioned this close-up beauty shot of herself on Instagram. Yes for Lizzo owning all of who she is and being proud of herself, her body, and her value in this world! It was beautiful to see another plus-size woman on the Met Gala carpet. The fashion industry still has many miles to go where size-inclusion is concerned, so Lizzo's presence was welcomed and NEEDED. 

Also, her monochrome pink makeup look is absolutely legendary. 

Lizzo didn't just come to represent; she came to SLAY and really relish the entire moment for as long as possible. Also, I'm not sure if her hair stylist got pink braids to celebrate Lizzo's big night, but they're matching and it's lovely. Her glam was one of my favorite looks of the night.

But the one part about Lizzo's look that she loved beyond measure was that gorgeous Marc Jacobs coat. 

Ha! While Lizzo did switch back to her signature black hair, she would NOT remove her floor-length Marc Jacobs coat. Lizzo simply decided that she would have to bring the Met along with her to the airport and on the plane. 

"BYE B**** YOU THINK IM TAKIN OFF THIS @MARCJACOBS COAT?" she captioned this hilarious video of herself strutting through the airport and onto her flight. 

The coat clearly made Lizzo feel fancy AF.

She hit up the airport in the campy coat wearing sunglasses and holding a teddy bear with an eye mask that reads, "Privacy Please." She also couldn't help but pause her airport check-in strut to point out that her Delta airlines sign read, "upper class." Hey, that's what wearing an expensive, eye-catching coat designed for you will do to your ego and we ADORE THIS. That's right Lizzo! Treat yo self, boo!

We also suspect she was super-feeling herself because of this magical moment right here.

Singer Frank Ocean is literally always in hiding. He pops out every few years to treat the general public to an album or a random song, then he goes back into his cave. We never see him at awards shows. He's also virtually non-existent on social media. Lizzo not only met the musical unicorn but got a kiss from him and a photo! 

Her fans may not be able to relate to her financial or Hollywood status, but they sure as heck can relate to the mood in her hilarious video.

"I'm YELLING. @lizzo is my introvert a** leaving social functions early," she wrote. Seriously, this is me leaving church when the pastor goes over the allotted time. It's me leaving an event when it gets too hectic or the food isn't good. It's definitely me when I've left a Beyoncé concert and have had my bad b**** tank refilled. 

Fans are also obsessed with the way the coat moves.

"The way it moves is HEAVENLY WOW!!! You look like a living sunset," one person wrote. Lizzo flowing through the airport in her coat is what the internet needed today. The message? Camp is every freaking day if you want it to be! If being extra is who you are, then do it no matter who's watching. 

Now we just need to prepare for Lizzo to bring all of this extraness to her album tour!

That's right! Lizzo will embark on her Cuz I Love You Too tour in July. This will be her second headlining tour and it is named after her debut album. Fan presale tickets are already available. If you thought Lizzo was in her final form for the Met, just you wait until you catch her commanding her own stage. 

We are so here for Lizzo being as Lizzo as she can possibly be!